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Our BLNDN Mantra

June 09, 2017

Our BLNDN Mantra

It’s not easy babes, we get it.
The family, the schedules, the commitments, the ticking clock.
As modern women, we are expected to do it all, and most of the time, we do.
Sometime at the expense of our own self-care & confidence.


We get it because we struggle too. Every. Single. Day.
A few years ago, we saw an opportunity to make a difference. 
So we started small, in a place that’s close to our hearts.
Our heads.
As blondes, our hair is more than just a color, it’s part of who we are.
Years of processing were taking a toll on our own tresses.
We saw it and we felt it, and each year it was getting worse.
Our once shiny, strong, bright blonde locks were looking dull, damaged, and brassy.


We refused to stop lightening.
And we also refused to accept that our good hair days were done for.
So we created a place where women like us could always feel confident.
Where looking good and feeling good naturally coexist.


It’s time to stop sacrificing and time to start loving.
We’re here to support you and to help you look & feel your best.
So go out and do your thing babes.
You’ve got a whole lot to do.


Love, Erika and Elisa, BLNDN Co Founders

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