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Erika (Big E)'s Regimen

"For me, the ashier the better! I spend a TON of time in my colorist’s chair, which also equals, yup…a ton of damage. Even the slightest hit of yellow ruins my day, which is why I shampoo everyday with Brighten You and follow with our ammonia and peroxide free toner Tone You. I have super fine hair but a lot of it, so Nourish You conditioner is the perfect amount of moisture without weighing my hair down or looking greasy halfway through my day. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS finish with Save You on my damp hair before I blow dry to protect against the heat and give me extra softness, shine, and bounce. I’m totally addicted to Keep You Dry Shampoo. I use it for texture on clean hair, but it also helps soak up the oils throughout my day."
- Erika, Co-Founder and "Big E"



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