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Perfect Summer Hair Regimen

Beach ready hair doesn't happen in one day! BLNDN's Perfect Summer Regimen was designed to fix even the driest, dullest most damaged winter hair. We know that not only blondes suffer from damage, so we created the Perfect Summer Hair Regimen for babes of all hair colors. We promise soft, shiny, healthy & protected summer hair in just a few washes, or your hard earned dollars back. 

How it Works: 

  • Shampoo with  Quench You each wash. Color-safe, paraben-free, sulfate-free with an ultra thick and luxurious lather. Natural super ingredients like baobab, murumuru butter, and pomegranate seed oil will strengthen weak spots, moisturize brittle strands and add intense shine to dull hair. (Regular Retail Price $28) 
  • Condition with  Repair You after every wash. Loaded with micro-absorbing emollients like coconut, argon and pomegranate oil, Repair You will absorb into the core of the hair strand and will also add intense shine and reflectivity. (Regular Retail Price $48) 
  • Treat locks with  Save You leave in cream after every wash. Moisture will be locked in and the hair strand protected from heat, sun and other damaging elements. (Regular Retail Price $36) 



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