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Meet your hair's new best friend. 

SAVE YOU is a leave-in treatment cream that turns dry, dull, brittle hair into soft shiny locks in seconds. With the highest levels of the BLNDN Complex, SAVE YOU not only repairs damage, but also protects our hair from the future torture that we're all going to inflict (let's be real) - coloring, bleaching, heat styling, even damage from the sun! The more you use it, the healthier your hair will become. We guarantee our products because we are our own customer. For us, it's personal.

XO, Erika and Elisa

BLNDN Co Founders & Bleach-O-Holics

Check out our  BLNDN SIGNATURE REGIMEN which includes your choice of shampoo, our nourishing conditioner and SAVE YOU for only $59. 

150 ml / 5.1 fl oz

  • For healthier, shinier hair, apply 2 to 4 pumps on towel-dried hair after shampooing with BRIGHTEN YOU and conditioning with NOURISH YOU. You can also use SAVE YOU on dry hair as a finisher throughout the day for taming and hydration. Hair will become increasingly restored with extended use.

    Reduces oxidative stress and boosts catalase production. Softens hair, aids in overall moisture retention, and restores hair’s natural sheen.

    High in Vitamin C. Aids in damage recovery, deeply nourishes, reinforces strands for improved strength, and conditions for softer, smoother hair.

    Unique source of essential fatty acids and Pro-Vitamin A. A natural alternative to silicones that provides luster revival and makes hair visibly more luminous.

    High in antioxidants and vitamin content. A revitalizing, and strengthening natural oil that restores hair strands and provides a powerful boost to cell regeneration.

  • Coming Soon!

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