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BLNDN Babe Ambassadors

BLNDN Babes Ambassador Program

We're on the hunt for the next BLNDN Babes!

Here's what we're looking for in a BLNDN Babe:

    • You share our excitement over finding the right haircare for your gorgeous locks

    • You absolutely love using products with natural ingredients- which is what you'll find in the BLNDN Complex

    • You can't wait to share your new hairstyle or products with friends and family

    • You have a strong following and stay engaged on social channels like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube or Facebook

BLNDN Babe Benefits:

We provide our BLNDN Babes with FREE haircare products tailored to their hair type and color. We also provide them with a discount code to share with family, friends and on social to help spread the BLNDN love.
If this sounds like you, then fill out our BLNDN Babes Ambassador application! Applications will be reviewed periodically and ambassadors will be notified via email. 

Get to it Babes!


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