Balanced Bundle

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Welcome to your customized kit, specifically made for you and those standout shades of platinum! Cool those brassy tones and repair damaged hair. This regimen includes four of BLNDN's top products that will nourish and strengthen your hair, while keeping your color bright and vibrant.
  • Shampoo:  BRIGHTEN YOU is our deep purple reparative shampoo.
    Safe to use with every wash (2X/week min), try it in lieu of your "ordinary" shampoo to cut down on brassiness, especially for you sun lovers. Retain moisture and hydrate your locks with plant essentials found in our natural BLNDN Complex. Start small, leave it on for a short amount of time, and see your color transform. 
  • Toner: We added our awesome TONE YOU into this kit because, let's face it - platinum hair is where it's at (and this is how to maintain it). After shampooing with Brighten You (and before conditioning), use Tone You to eliminate brassy tones and bring out the shine. Remember: less is more. Try small amounts first, and if you notice your hair turning "dirty" or even slightly "green," scale back.  
  • Conditioner: Follow up with NOURISH YOU, a conditioner that nourishes and repairs your hair, leaving it softer and smoother than before.
  • Treatment: After washing, use SAVE YOU to protect and repair, to keep your hair healthy and stylish with an extra level of softness. This leave-in cream includes our natural BLNDN Complex to protect your hair from heat and UV rays, restore your hair from root to tip, and make it softer, smoother, and stronger. Put 2-4 pumps on wet (or dry!) hair and feel the difference in your hair in just a few uses.