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BLNDN was born out of pure necessity. 

We couldn't find hair care that addressed the issues we were facing. 

We are our own customers. So for us, it's personal.




A bit from the "BLND's" behind the brand.


BLNDN gives you back your strong, shiny soft locks and lets you do your thing – whether that’s rocking your natural gray, going for that edgy platinum pixie, or playing up those sexy balayaged waves. Whatever you do, do it with confidence.

- Love, The E's



Co-Founder & "Little E"

Elisa lives in Del Mar, CA with her husband John, an Active Duty Naval Officer. Their two kiddos are Johnny, 6 years old, and Lila, 3 years old.

Hi my name is Elisa, and I’m a Changeaholic. I have just a few constants in my life, blonde hair, triple shot lattes, two adorable (inexhaustible) kids, and breakfast tacos. Other than that- I like to keep it fresh. I am a fully-fledged "outside-in" constantly striving for that precise shade of ashy blonde, however, on the business side of things, my insatiable thirst for innovation lends to more of an “inside-out" attitude where creativity constantly drives progress. My professional philosophy is to live each moment with enthusiasm and unmatched determination. Don’t be afraid to bring your "out-of-the-box" concept to the table, and we’ll work together to bring it to life.


Co-Founder & "Big E"

Erika McKellar lives with her husband Marc, an elite fitness trainer, and their two misbehaved, yet lovable, dogs in Encinitas, CA.

Hi, my name is Erika, and I’m a Rebel. Looking back, 33 years of spontaneity and challenging the status quo has taken me on some amazing journeys. Despite my affinity for the new and exciting, one that has always remained consistent is my desire to motivate others through passion and optimism. Unapologetically an “outside-in” blonde, with an edgy pixie cut, it’s probably no surprise that I have an “outside-in” attitude towards business as well. My professional philosophy is that passion and drive builds great companies. Follow your passion, engage driven people, and great things will happen.