April 03, 2016


Do you guys remember when Maxim held its famed Hometown Hotties column a while back, where fans would vote for their favorite girl next door?

K, well, this is kind of like our version, but with beautiful hair.

On this charmed Sunday morning, we'd like to present to you our very first stunner for Stunner Sundays.

Meet Mackenzie, the silver-locked beauty that's gracing the home page of BLNDN this month. You may recognize her from a few of our Instagram posts, like from our photoshoot last week with models Yasmina Rossi and Alden Steimle, and photographer Becca Batista-- and with locks that beautifully silver, how could you forget her?

Not us.

Mackenzie Lynn BLNDN


She makes our hearts happy with her amazing, almost white, hair, and hip 70s style.

To maintain silver locks like Mackenzie, shampoo daily with BLNDN BRIGHTEN YOUbrightening purple shampoo and rinse twice weekly with the BLNDN TONE YOU Toning Rinse to offset the yellow and brassy tones, and fight damage from chemical oxidation.

Mackenzie Lynn BLNDN

For more Mackenzie, click on over to our social media outlets (@myBLNDN) to see Mackenzie show off her gorgeous BLNDN brass-free mane. 

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