Behind the Chair with Jack Martin, the King of Transformation

September 22, 2019

Behind the Chair with Jack Martin, the King of Transformation

Jack Martin has been called the King of Silver, because of his skill in transforming women back to their natural grey color. He has articles in Modern Salon, Allure and over 40k likes on one Instagram post where the transformation took 12 hours! 

 Silver transformation

But to us he's the King of Transformation! His instagram @jackmartincolorist, which has over 180k followers, is filled with colorful masterpieces. His salon is based in Tustin, California but clients come from all over the globe to have him transform them into a silver, pink, blonde or name-your-color beauties! 

jack martin pink

Studying and training in Paris, Martin was identified by his teachers as a natural talent at styling, insisting he do their hair. Jack works hard to perfect his color technique and is generous about giving away his secrets and tips on his Instagram posts. Here are some of the top tips he told us about getting great hair:  

    • For stylists, "update yourself all of the time". Watch for new trends, new products, and new colors. Jack first tests any new products on hair extensions and hair rings to see what affect it will have. Then he adjusts based on his clients' needs and hair type. He says he can't live without Olaplex or Brazilian Bond Builder to lift hair to his signature heights. He  loves BLNDN Tone You mask especially for his blonde clients. If you're new to BLNDN, we're offering 20% off for 1st-time customers! Just enter BLNDN20 at checkout.
  • beach tone you
    • For clients who want to maintain their color outside of the salon, stay away from heat. Use cold water to wash your hair. Lower the heat on your tools to keep your hair icy or ashy. And use heat protection products. BLNDN Save You, leave-in conditioner works well on wet or dry hair to protect, hydrate and add shine when styling.  

    • For young, new stylists, Martin, who also gets a lot of Pinterest press, recommends they use social media. It has changed the game and raised the competition a lot. People from all over the world will see your work. "Work hard, be talented and show your results on social media," says Jack. 

    What are Jack's favorite trends for 2020? He's the King of Transformation. So of course he loves all of the new colors coming out! His latest favorite is Guy Tang's Mydentity Naked. Here's his masterpiece with Mydentity Natural Ice. He did a heavy balayage and used Mydentity lightener with Olaplex and then reapplied a new lightener mixture to each foil after one hour. To reach level 10 light blonde, total time was 1 hour and 30 minutes. 


     Remember Jack takes clients from all over if you are looking for a stunning and gorgeous transformation. And don't forget BLNDN is offering 20% off for 1st-time customers! Just enter BLNDN20 at checkout. 

    XX Team BLNDN

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