April 06, 2016


You might recognize this week's BLNDN babe from our Stylist Saturday column a few weeks back, but it's because we just can't get enough of her! Hailey Adickes is a Stylist based in Los Angeles, CA currently creating hair masterpieces for print, TV, and red carpet, and, of course, with BLNDN.


We sat down with the bombshell to talk a little about her talent, her passion, and how she's using BLNDN for both.

Hi Hailey! Thanks for catching up with us. We'd love for you to give us a little insight in to your background with hair professionally and personally.
I fell in love with hair when I was really young, and decided to go to school right out of high school. I started working in a salon as an assistant and then later realized I wanted to mainly focus on styling instead of cutting/coloring and moved to LA. After a few years of saying yes to a lot of free shoots and trying to build a solid book, I signed with my current agency. Now I work mostly with brands and celebrities for editorial, commercial, and red carpet jobs.

What is your specialty? 
I don’t know if I necessarily have one thing I would say is my specialty because I love to try new things as much as I can. I love braiding and experimenting with different accessories, like laying a necklace down the part, or adding different pins. I love anything that incorporates a mix of simple, yet creative.
What excites you most about hair?
I love that everyday I’m able to create something different, and I get to meet so many new amazing people who inspire me to work as hard as I can to stay on top of my craft.
You are obviously a self-starter, paving your own path in the industry. BLNDN is actually the first professional line created entirely by women. As a certified girl boss, do you feel like this impacts the product and how it resonates with you, or your clients as women? 

This is one of my favorite things about BLNDN! As women I think we’ve all felt at some point that we’ve had to go above and beyond to prove ourselves, so I think its important to support each other. I love that BLNDN is run by badass women who worked hard for what they wanted in an industry where that isn’t the norm, and made it happen for themselves.

You are certainly well-immersed in the world of high-end hair and beauty. Do you see BLNDN aligning with the shift towards customized and tailored products for specific women rather than something for everyone?

Definitely. There aren’t many product lines that are marketed for blondes, especially ones that are comparable to high-end lines. But I do like that you’re able to use it on darker hair as well, making it more versatile. 
Do you appreciate that BLNDN is 'bringing sexy back' for women of all ages instead of only focusing on young demographics? How does this resonate with you and your older clients? 
Love this! Especially in the beauty industry you see so many campaigns with young gorgeous models, but it's so important to remember that the true demographic is women of all ages and backgrounds. I love that BLNDN works for real women, and that they keep the line approachable while still being able to hold their own as a high-end brand. 

What is your favorite BLNDN product, and why? 
I’m torn between the SAVE YOU balancing cream and the KEEP YOUdry shampoo. I love KEEP YOU  because it sprays clear so you don’t get a white residue that some dry shampoos leave. SAVE YOU is great for wet hair as a leave in, or on dry hair to smooth and tame fly aways.
What piece of advice would you give to BLNDN babes who are thinking about trying our product? 
Don’t think that you have to be blonde to use BLNDN! I use all the styling products on set on all types of women, as well as the QUENCH YOU shampoo on my hair at home (I’m a brunette) And if you are a blonde you’ll love the BRIGHTEN YOU violet shampoo and TONE YOU violet rinse, because it will cancel out the yellow tones, and keep your color looking fresher longer.


For more Hailey, look her up at: @haileyadks and make bookings through Celestine Agency in LA.

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