April 14, 2016


If you're keeping up with your favorite beauty mags this month, you may have stumbled across the Allure article that claims that anti-aging is a ploy used by marketers to promise youth in a bottle. The article, which concludes with the sentiment that perhaps not all companies are out to "dupe" us, suggests that while these "are great products", they're not 'anti-aging' per se. Instead, Allure maintains, they are merely "really good versions" of their formula.

But we're here to set the record straight. We won't stamp any of our products with anti-aging, because we think the science speaks for itself. Here's the skinny:

As we age, oxidation takes a serious toll on our locks through the buildup of Hydrogen Peroxide. And even if you're not a bottle blonde, you're not exempt from the big bad HP; it also comes with time, genetics, and (yep, you guessed it)... age. When this oxidation takes place, dull, brittle and weak hair strands replace your once strong and supple locks.

The BLNDN complex reverses the harmful effects of oxidation that inevitably take place as we age. So, anti-aging? No. Reversing damage? You're darn tootin', we are. We make strands, shiny, strong and bright again by repairing the structural integrity of the hair follicle. 

The BLNDN complex is science in a bottle, and took us many years, lots of science, and much coffee to finally master. Each BLNDN product is a carefully crafted combination of all-natural, enhancing ingredients that are clinically proven to combat the structural damage caused by oxidation-- regardless of whether the root of the damage is lightening, the aging process, or genetics. 

Anti-aging? Nah. Not per se.


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