April 16, 2016


If you've had any sort of online presence in the last few days, you may have run across the article by Mirror UK that's taking social media by storm with its tips for combating the signs of aging hair.  A few of them, we admit, are absolutely imperative and necessary for a healthy mane. 

Mirror UK maintains that maintaining a healthy diet and low levels of stress are key aspects to fighting dull, lifeless locks as we age. And we agree. The article suggests that stress kick starts testosterone in our brains, which adds to premature hair loss. Furthermore, a healthy intake of protein and iron greatly benefit our locks. Get on the yoga and chicken, babes. It helps. (Truly.)

Next, the article claims that Rogaine is the next best option. Okay. Fine. Rogaine has been helping men and women with receding hair lines for years. Can't teach an old dog new tricks, right? We'll bite.

But then, the article took us for a ride. The kind where you need a helmet.

The Mirror UK article suggests treatments like Laser Therapy- more specifically, an at-home laser treatment called the Theradome LH-80 Pro Laser Helmet. Umm, what?

A DIY helmet. With lasers. On our head.

Let's back track here. So our options are lean meat, Rogaine, or laser treatment?

There has to be a happy medium here.

Surprise, surprise, babes. There is. (Shocker, we know.)

We're gonna take this opportunity to plug what we believe in... because there's only one culprit for lifeless locks as we age, and that's oxidation.

The BLNDN complex is a combination of naturally derived ingredients that are clinically proven to combat the damage caused by oxidation, whether though chemical lightening or natural graying. The BLNDN science addresses the issues at the structural level and bring your hair back to health.

BLNDN is the first hair care line of its kind that's dedicated to reversing the unavoidable effects of oxidation. In its infancy, BLNDN partnered with a team of world class chemists, and during our research, discovered that oxidation is what is wreaking havoc on all of our locks, whether it's bleach or age that's to blame. 

Furthermore, our research also confirmed that as we age, our hair actually bleaches itself from the inside out. We developed The BLNDN Complex to both reverse the oxidative effects from both salon visits and Mother Nature.

Laser treatment? Non-necessito. Let us guide you home to balance.



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