May 07, 2016


BLNDN: Brandi! Thanks for sitting down with us. Give us a little insight into your background...
BC: Well, I was raised in Huntington Beach and am the mother of seven year old twins. I'm a huge animal lover, I am color and texture obsessed, and I have been a colorist for 19 years and counting! I'm also a Sunlights Balayage Artisan Team Educator.

BLNDN: What trends do you see picking up this summer?
BC: Many different versions of blondes in multifaceted tones from warm to cool. And, of course, balayage is here to stay! I cannot keep enough of my Sunlights Balayage lightener and BLNDN Toning mask in stock- my twin true loves professionally.

(Editor's note- BLNDN actually complements treatments like Sunlights Balayage, instead of competing with them, by maintaining the structural integrity of your hair after your colorist has put in the work in the chair and you leave the salon.)

BLNDN: What excites you most about creating new looks with hair?
BC: I am driven most by bringing out the best in women, whether it's an emotion, or whatever it is that makes them feel the most naturally beautiful. Authenticity is my top priority when creating a new look. 

BLNDN: When you are looking to use new products, what factors drive you?
BC: Scent, performance, texture, and clean ingredients.

(Editor's note- exactly why Brandi loves her BLNDN! We're paraban and sulfate free, gluten free, vegan, and cruelty free. We also use the highest quality plant derived emollients in our products, that are actually skin care grade!)


BLNDN: Do you see a difference in the way BLNDN targets not only young blondes, but also naturally graying hair resonating with you and your older customers?
BC: To me, BLNDN is a must for all tones: Blonde, Bronde, Mature and anywhere in between! I think of BLNDN as insurance - always enhancing what a colorist creates in the chair. 

BLNDN: What attracts you to the BLNDN line? 
BC: Its clean ingredients, performance, scent, and simplicity. I also love the pure violet tone of the Brightening Shampoo and Toning Rinse.

BLNDN: What is your favorite BLNDN product, and why?
BC: TONE YOU Toning Rinse; the ultra violet pigments are intense and brilliant often omitting a toning service, without the risk of darkening even my purest tone blondes. 

BLNDN: What is your best advice for BLNDN Babes seeking to use our products?
BC: Keep it simple, clean, toned, and hydrated with the best: BLNDN!
Looking to get your hair colored by one of BLNDN's Cali faves? Brandi can be found at the wonderful Soho Salon in Newport Beach and on Instagram @balayagebybrandicaputa

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