June 02, 2016


Whether your light locks stem from a bottle or Mother Nature, none of us are safe from oxidation.

In simple terms, our biggest downfall (and subsequently, worst enemy) is hydrogen peroxide.

If your plan is to age gracefully and embrace your gray (first of all, kudos to you!), or if you're a natural blonde, you may think you're safe from oxidation. If that's the case, think again.

Sure, it's the peroxide and bleach that contain hydrogen peroxide, which we use to transform our locks from brassy to platinum shades-- but do you know what else is responsible for the buildup of hydrogen peroxide? 


A recent study conducted by the FASEB Journal (The Official Publication from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) suggests that as we age, our hair actually bleaches itself from the inside out due to an exponential buildup of hydrogen peroxide. Each individual hair follicle produces its own ratio of hydrogen peroxide, and that amount increases with age.

The study revealed that this excessive ratio of hydrogen peroxide was caused by a reduction of catalase-- the enzyme responsible for decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. Catalase is also the enzyme that breaks HP into water and oxygen, and protects the cell from oxidative damage.

With the presence of catalase significantly decreased, the melanin in our hair (the pigment that's responsible for giving us whatever shade of locks we begin with) becomes blocked by the progressional buildup of HP-- disrupting the natural process of pigmentation and turning our once lively head of hair first to gray and then to white.

BLNDN is the first hair care line of its kind that's dedicated to reversing the unavoidable effects of oxidation. In its infancy, BLNDN partnered with a team of world class chemists, and during our research, discovered that oxidation is what is wreaking havoc on all of our locks, whether it's bleach or age that's to blame. 

Furthermore, our research also confirmed that as we age, our hair actually bleaches itself from the inside out. We developed The BLNDN Complex to both reverse the oxidative effects from both salon visits and Mother Nature.

And the best part? We're our own customers. We're a "By Women, For Women" company with over 20 years in the beauty industry-- and just like you, we wanted to stop the endless search for the products that would revive our processed hair. Join us in the fight against Mother Nature and her dull, damaged, lifeless locks...

Because oxidation happens.

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