June 11, 2016


Summer is almost here and the latest Insta trend is in full swing. Even better? It reminds us of picnic baskets and our fave summer snack. I mean, how awesome is watermelon hair?

There are a few different ways to achieve the perfect melon look, like red and green balayage, ombré, chunks, and different shades, but it all pretty much boils down to the same thing: bright green and pink hair. And it’s pretty awesome.

We've seen melons on purses, nails, dresses, and just about everywhere else lately. But the latest hair trend to emerge this week? Watermelon hair.

We're totally used to wild hair trends-- seems like just yesterday we were drooling over the rose gold trend

As awesome as the melon look is, these colored shades are extremely difficult to maintain vibrancy in, and fade twice as fast as traditional color.

We noticed serious fading after just a few shampoos, so you'll need to take extra care of it with your BLNDN. If you're used to seeing your stylist every 6 weeks, it'll be quite the shock to your hair when it needs upkeep every 2. 

With the damage and need for hair TLC doubling, pastel bound locks are in need of a little extra love... the kind inside of a BLNDN bottle.

The truth is that anytime we fight against Mother Nature and lighten our locks, it takes a toll on our hair. The BLNDN Complex is a combination of naturally derived ingredients that are clinically proven to combat the damage caused by oxidation, whether that means it's from aging, going blonder, or going watermelon. BLNDN addresses the issues at the structural level and bring your hair back to health.

Our faves for the watermelon trend?

Keep colors vibrant with BRIGHTEN YOU Brightening Shampoo and heal with REPAIR YOU Repairing Mask. It's the best combination to keep colors bright and bring your hair back to health after the color shock.

You'll also want to skip washing as often as possible to preserve color longer. Our fave is our dry shampoo, KEEP YOU

Are you down with the melon trend? We'd love to hear.



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