November 11, 2016


Back in the day, women had to straighten their hair by draping it over an ironing board and waiting for their friend or sister to run over it with an actual iron. Umm... what? Flat irons didn't become available to buy until the mid 1990's-- and while we're totally spoiled today with our hot tools, we also have a whole new problem: heat damage. (Ugh.)

Get regular trims

Shocker, right? Since split ends are essentially inevitable if you're a fan of hot tools (raises hand), plan on seeing your stylist every 6 weeks. A sixteenth of an inch-- sometimes called dusting-- is the perfect way to take the edge off. (Literally.)

Use high quality products

One of the biggest culprits of split ends is the harsh chemicals found in many a 'poo bottle. If the pH in your product is off, your hair might not be able to handle it, making it extra prone to breakage and split ends. Using an natural ingredients like the BLNDN Complex, which includes Baobab Protein, Murumuru Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Camellia Leaf Extract, will organically heal the damage that's been inflicted on your mane. (But don't just take our word for it-- it's been clinically proven to do so.)

Watch that temp

Your iron might heat up to 450 degrees, but you should never go that high. Women with color-treated or fine hair should use heat on a lower heat setting (approximately 300 degrees) and those with thicker hair can go a on the medium or high setting (about 400 degrees).

Take a day off

At maximum, irons shouldn't be used more than once or twice a week—especially if your hair is breaking, dull, or lacking movement. Even if it's just a few days a week, cutting the use of hot tools in half will drastically help your damaged hair recover. If you absolutely must use your flat or curling irons, turn down the temp, and add a diffuser on to your hair dryer. Your locks will thank you later.

Deep condition before combing

Using a wide-tooth comb, use a deep conditioning mask like REPAIR YOU, the weightless mask that repairs serious damage in less than 5 minutes. Even better, it's clinically proven to work with just one use. (I guess good things really do come in small packages.) If you're on the go, use a leave-in conditioner like SAVE YOU, the Balancing Cream that instantly repairs damaged, dull, brittle hair with just a few drops.

Happy healing, babes.



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