July 03, 2016


Drinking alcohol under the sun

Exposing our locks to extended sunshine is detrimental to locks anyway, but adding alcohol into the equation is strand suicide. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it accelerates dehydration- causing our hair to be extra brittle even after just a few hours of exposure. Drinking alcohol on the sand or pool-side during prime damage hours is a double whammy for damage. To protect yourself against 4th of July exposure damage, wash immediately the day of or before withQUENCH YOU Quenching Shampoo to give your extra-thirsty locks a little cleanse. On the 5th of July, wash again to restore the moisture that's been depleted after a long night of margarita slamming. Follow withNOURISH YOU Nourishing Conditioner to restore vibrancy to your lackluster locks.

Wearing your sunglasses on your head

We know it's the most convenient place to put sunnies when you step inside to refill your Sangria glass, but you're totally killing your follicles. Not only does that pressure from your glasses stress out the hair, but you also risk plucking strands when you step back into sunlight and pull the glasses over your eyes again. 

Forcing Knots to Come Out

If you're hitting the beach this weekend, remember that salt water is notorious for tangling hair. But if you find yourself feeling a little knotty, make sure you ditch the comb and pick up a paddle brush. If you're trying to untangle a knot with a comb, there's no flexibility to the tool, which is a real pain for your hair to deal with. Paddle brushes have a special cushion so that you can gently work to unravel your hair. A comb might solve the problem, but it's pulling all the hair out with it. Ouch.

Using the wrong hair ties

Real rubber bands are the biggest culprit (we've all been there), but elastics with metal fastenings on it are notorious for ripping out locks every time you take your hair out. We shunned the scrunchie, but a comeback could be the best thing for our hair. Party like it's 1999.

Skipping the Deep Conditioner

After product buildup, daily heat applications, and general wear and tear, if you're not deep conditioning at least once a week, you're doing a serious disservice to your mane. Twice a week, apply the weightless REPAIR YOU from roots to ends to restore shine and health.

Washing every day this weekend

With plans every night of the long weekend, it may be tempting to wash and style each day- but don't. The need for Dry Shampoo is on the rise as scientists are discovering the harmful effects of washing every day. By now, you've probably heard that washing your locks every day strips strands of their natural oils, making them look lackluster and generally blah. Revive second (and third day, if you can) hair with KEEP YOU, our much-loved dry shampoo. It's the only one on the market that doesn't smell like a dry shampoo- so lather up without fear of elevators, cubicles, or first dates. We've got you covered.

Brushing your hair right out of the pool

If you're straight out of the pool or salt water this 4th, you might be tempted to brush hair to wring out the excess moisture. Hair is at its absolute weakest when it's sopping wet, so avoid thus at all costs. Wet hair that is pulled by a bristled brush will overstretch the hair shaft and lead to serious breakage. Post-swim, wait until hair is almost dry, and apply BLNDN SAVE YOU Balancing Cream. Brush through with a wide-tooth comb. 



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