July 25, 2016


We are proud to welcome Ryan Pearl as the newest BLNDN Ambassador. This NYC-based artist has a knack for effortless blondes and the natural looking highlights that we all dream of. He has acquired a serious clientele of celebrity “it” girls, whom we envy for their gorgeous simplicity. We recently got to chat with Ryan about his past, where he is now, and what he feels is ahead in his future in hair.

Ryan grew up watching his hairdresser mom and thinking he wanted to be a barber, but during his time in cosmetology school, realized his insatiable talent for color. Being from New Jersey, he was close enough to watch, and fall in love with, the vibe and clients' style of the Manhattan salons.

Being a close friend of Cutler's owner Rodney, he helped open the Brooklyn location and remains very active with the Cutler brand as a whole. Ryan has stayed true to himself and his aesthetic by not following trends, but rather sticking to a natural style, and infusing that into custom colors with each client. He is constantly asked about his future and possibilities, but he always responds with no interest in opening up his own salon-- his true passion lies at Cutler. It's somewhere that provides the best education and helps him do his job well. 

We fell so in love with Ryan’s talent for his naturally fluid and beautiful color that we sent BLNDN’s very own Lauren to take a seat in his chair and be a part of his transformation repertoire. Below is a little insight into Ryan’s world of hair and why he loves being a part of BLNDN.

BLNDN: What hair trends do you see happening for this coming year?

RYAN: I think hair will continue to be natural this year. Roots aren't going anywhere and people will embrace their natural texture more.

BLNDN: What would you say is your specialty? 

RYAN: Blonde, natural, effortless and low maintenance hair.  

BLNDN: What excites you the most on creating a new look for woman?

RYAN: Giving them a color that makes them feel like themselves. 

BLNDN: What is the best advice you can give a girl in going blonde?  

RYAN: The best blondes don't happen overnight, this is something that might take a few visits to achieve the desired color. This will also be less stress on the hair. 

BLNDN: Why do you love the BLNDN line?

RYAN: I love the BLNDN line because of how nourishing it is, while at the same time, lightweight! The products leave the hair in a great state, and it’s a perfect take home maintenance line to support my client’s hair. It's also great because the TONE YOU counter acts a lot of mineral and rust build up in the hair that can cause brassiness.

If you’re ever in NYC and need a refreshing way to find the new beautiful-you, make sure to call in to Cutler to see if you can land yourself a spot in Ryan Pearl’s transformational chair.

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