November 15, 2016


Creator of Hair by Charlie Salon in Dallas, Texas, Charlie Price’s undeniable talent leaves us wanting more as he churns out shot after shot of drool-worthy color and cuts. Charlie has built a cult-like following on both social media and with his loyal clientele using his signature #zeromaintenacehaircolor style. But he doesn’t just spread the love to Dallas-he actually splits his time in Tulum, Mexico, and travels across the United States for editorial gigs, pop-up barber shops, educational events like Beauty Coach, and of course New York City’s Fashion Week. 

A true artist, his passion is unwavering, and his strong work ethic is evident. He recently gushed on social media “In love with my BLNDN,” so we set out to learn more about the King of Color himself...


BLNDN: Hi Charlie, thanks for chatting with us today! Give us a little insight into yourself and how you first got started with hair...

Charlie:I started in my hometown of Pittsburgh, then transitioned over to NYC where  my passion for hair was groomed. But I was in search of something new. I wanted to be somewhere where I could live as well as work, and NY was not the place. The hardest part about moving was leaving a huge book of business and knowing that I was starting from scratch as I did not have any clients in Dallas.

After teaching in several salons, I never really found what I was looking for, so I decided to open my own salon (Hair by Charlie). Only having an 8th grade education, I was terrified on how to operate and run a business. I started with a small, amazing loft space with just myself and 2 assistants. That was 11 years ago now! I will always value the hard work it took to get up and running, plus it was so much fun along the way and I learned so much!


BLNDN:That’s amazing! As entrepreneurs ourselves, we love hearing entrepreneurial stories! So, what would you say was your biggest hurdle in leaving NYC and coming to Dallas? Are Texas blondes really different that NYC blondes?

Charlie:After being in Dallas for a little while, I noticed a great void for beautiful hair, the Dallas woman were all rocking the same really bad haircuts with gnarly yellow blonde hair. What was most exciting about Dallas woman is they wanted more and they wanted something different, and it just was not as easily accessible at the time. I latched on to that concept and never let go!

BLNDN: You split your time between Dallas and Tulum, Mexico. Can you tell us how your passion for Mexico lends to your creativity with client's hair here in the US? 

Charlie: Being a passionate hairdresser, I eat sleep and breath HAIR. Which means I work far too much. Being in Tulum every other week really allows me to take a step back and appreciate life. Tulum offers me the essence of living the simple life, without the day-to-day chaos of being in the salon. With a Bohemian Chic lifestyle, Tulum provided inspiration for the hair I strive to create in Dallas. Natural texture and wind-blown hair is so sexy to me, easy to get on the beach in Tulum... fun to create in the salon in Dallas!


BLNDN:We’ve seen the industry really change in the past 5 years. It’s an exciting time! What advice do you have for new stylists?

Charlie: The advice I have to fresh young hairdressers is the same advice I was given 16 years ago - find a mentor and work your ass off! These days, young hairdressers want to be on the floor without putting in the work. The assistants at my salon assist for at least 2 years (easy compared to my 4 years) in order to absorb as much information as they can. Trust that your mentor knows when it’s time for you to evolve.


BLNDN:We love your involvement with Beauty Coach. How did you get started with the girls and what’s your favorite part about becoming a mentor and educating others?

Charlie: I tend to use the term "sharing" instead of educating or teaching. I love the aspect of having the opportunity to share my story, and pick the creative minds of hairdressers. I learn so much on a daily basis in the act of DOING, but I learn so much from my assistants as well. They are full of desire and creative thoughts, and seeing them grow is the real reward to me.  


BLNDN: We love your “lived-in color” approach to hair. Can you tell us about how you defined that #zeromaintenancehaircolor, and when consulting with clients how you create a style, color and cut that best suits them?

Charlie:Much like amazing musicians, I have reinvented myself and my style in the last couple years as far as the work I am doing. I am so attracted to a simple and effortless look on a woman, that I am inspired to create a look that is just that. Allowing my clients to feel that attraction makes it easier to give them a look that I love.


BLNDN:What’s the most important part of prescribing the right at-home care and regimen for your clients?

Charlie:Being that I only see my color clients two or three times a year, I have to send them home with the best hair care to treat their hair until I see them again. BLNDN has filled that void for me in a treatment product being that it just plain WORKS. It gives my clients everything they need, without the weight that most treatment lines saturate the hair with. Being that my clients all share the same feeling of liking their hair better on the second or third day, makes BLNDN the perfect prescription!


BLNDN:What are the musts in your toolkit that you can’t live without?

Charlie: Give me my BW2 lightener, Tara dry cutting shears, and a blow dryer, and I am a happy man!


BLNDN:What drew you in to the BLNDN line to pick it up for your salon?

Charlie:BLNDN came to me from a very dear friend of mine in NYC; hair colorist Ryan Pearl. After hearing him rave about the brand, I knew I had to see it for myself. I was floored with the results! TONE YOU Toning Rinse is a must have for all of my blondes, being that I only do their hair twice a year. TONE YOU delivers amazing conditioning for a toner, and the violet pigment keeps my blonds fresh.


BLNDN:You're in charge of the salon's music for the day. What’s playing?

Charlie:Music is so vital to me throughout the day! It’s part of our culture and our vibe at the salon. Mornings usually consist of some Citizen Cope or Bob Marley, transitioning to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and usually ending the day with A Tribe Called Quest or Wu Tang Clan.


BLNDN:Lastly, Charlie, what advice to you have for Dallas Blondes who are looking to become Charlie Price BLNDN Babes?

Charlie: Having such a busy schedule makes it tough to get in right away. I love working with new clients, so I will never stop taking new business. My support team at the salon has made this process a lot easier to get in with me by requesting photos of your current hair as well as inspiration so we can save tie in the salon and better help me to cater to current hair needs. If a client is looking for an appointment at 6pm on the same day, I am not your guy, however patience will pay off in getting #zeromaintenancehaircolor!


If you’re ever in Dallas and need a refreshing way to find the new beautiful-you, make sure to call in to Hair by Charlie to see if you can land yourself a spot in Charlie Price’s transformational chair. In the meantime, we will leave this here for you: @hairbycharlie.


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