August 13, 2016


If you're under the impression that purple shampoo is only for bleach blondes looking to eliminate brass and yellow tones, you're all sorts of wrong. The truth is, brunettes are using (and loving) their purple shampoo just as much as blondes are, and we're loving all the feedback from our BLNDN brunettes that are loving BRIGHTEN YOU and TONE YOU, the purple products by BLNDN.

Purple Shampoo for Brunettes

Purple shampoo and rinses, as we know, help banish brass in general. Many brunettes, especially those looking for an ashier color, face the presence of orange tones in their hair-- and (yep, you guessed it), purple shampoos help that too. 

Fellow San Diegan and Fashion Blogger Erica Stolman of Fashion Lush admits she's been indulging in a little purple love for quite some time. "I wanted to do a personal trial run before recommending it to anyone, so I’ve been washing my hair with purple shampoo for about four weeks now and have seen some major results. My brass is still present in certain lights, but it has DEF faded dramatically.)

BLNDN is actually the only line on the market with two purple options.

How to Use Purple Shampoo

Our purple shampoo, BRIGHTEN YOU, BRIGHTEN YOU, is a stylist and client fave. It's a sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo with a glorious lather, a to-die-for scent, and brass-fighting properties with more girl power than Charlie's Angels. It's also the only shampoo on the market that's actually beneficial for your hair to use daily- it never dries the hair strand and has as many nourishing qualities as our conditioners. (They're all made with the BLNDN Complex!)

Blonde In Purple Shampoo for blondes and brunettes

BRIGHTEN YOU's superhero sidekick is our deep violet rinse, TONE YOU-- a BLNDN babe fave as well. To make brassy tones a thing of the past, use this rinse at least twice weekly. Apply from scalp to ends, leaving on 3 to 5 minutes, depending on desired toning level. Rinse thoroughly.

So, how do they work? If you take a look at a color wheel, you'll notice that purple and violet are the exact opposite of yellow and orange.

When you apply purple shampoo to brunette hair with a bit of brass, the lighter yellows and oranges are neutralized by the opposing dark colors (purple and violet). And-- a little tidbit here-- the deeper the violet hue, the stronger the toning properties... which is why BLNDN's purple products are such a deep violet.

Are you a BLNDN babe using purple products on brunette hair? You're not alone... and we'd love to see it. Use the hashtag #BLNDNbabe for a chance to be featured!



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