March 06, 2016


We're no ballerinas around here... but that doesn't stop us from being proud, self-proclaimed bunheads. Walking through the BLNDN headquarters on any given day means you'll see at least one bun peeking out from behind a MacBook, working away on orders, blogging, or general BLNDN towhead duties.

We've found, around here, the style of bun we rock that day is a direct reflection of what time we got up in the morning.

And so, we present to you... the workweek progression of BLNDN buns.


In bed on time. Up when my alarm went off. Had to choose between the Starbucks drive-thru or a perfect top knot. (Decision was easy.)

The Look:

Upside down, pull into a high ponytail. Spray comb with BLNDN HOLD YOU Holding Hairspray to ensure all flyaways are hidden. Tie with elastic.

To create a bigger bun, backcomb ponytail for added va-voom.

Twist hair in circular shape around the elastic. Secure with hairpins.

Image via Vanity Fairest on Blogspot


Still pretty motivated and excited for girls night after work. Loving yesterday's bun, but not quite in the mood for all of the effort.

The look:

Prep with BLNDN KEEP YOU Dry Shampoo. Follow Monday's steps, minus caring about fly aways and extra brushing. Pin unruly locks with blonde bobbies.

Image via Beauty Banter


Definitely had time to do more, but the hump day blues are setting in. In the mood for a tiny top knot that's minimal effort.

The look:

Gather hair on top of head as if you're going to pull it into a pony, but don't. Twist hair until entire ponytail is twisted, and then pin at base. Continue pinning as you go until entire bun is secured. Spray with BLNDN HOLD YOU Holding Hairspray to keep in place.


Totally groggy. Ready for Thirsty Thursday. In the mood for something new.

The look:

Start with a half-up pony, and repeat Wednesday's bun.


Stayed up way too late pinning perfect hairstyles. Pressed snooze one too many times, and there was no way in hell you're making it to coffee.

The look:

Finish with BLNDN KEEP YOU dry shampoo and tease at the crown.

Pull into a ponytail at ear level and pull halfway through hair tie. Pull extra pieces out for added texture + sass.

Image via Le Fashion

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