March 07, 2016


Happy Monday, BLNDN babes!

We teamed up with local San Diego style blogger and BLNDN babe, Jamie, from Cotton and Cabernet, who has been using BLNDN for the last month. She's back in our headquarters this morning to talk about her experience using the product!

Image via Cotton and Cabernet

BLNDN: Thanks for chatting with us! Tell us about your experience using BLNDN this month!

C+C: Thanks for having me in! Oh my gosh. Well, first of all, my hair just doesn't hold color. I'm lucky if I get three weeks in before my blonde starts turning brassy. I started using TONE YOU, the purple toning mask, in the shower twice a week, and I'm well over six weeks in and still super blonde. There's literally no brassiness, and it smells SO good. 

BLNDN: So is TONE YOU your favorite product you tried, then?

C+C: Don't make me choose! (Laughs.) It's such a toss up. It just feels so healthy... the healthiest it's ever felt. I'm hard on it. The very first time I washed with BLNDN, I conditioned with NOURISH YOU, and I don't think it's ever felt softer, even after just one use. But I also wear clip-in hair extensions, and I've been using HOLD YOU and KEEP YOU to style them!

BLNDN: What? That's awesome! You use BLNDN on your hair extensions too?!

C+C: Yes! And not just to style them. I've been washing them with QUENCH YOU to keep them soft! They feel amazing!

Anyone with fine hair that wears extensions will tell you there's a bit of teasing required to get the clips to stay. The problem, I've found, is that I've yet to find a hairspray that's tough enough to hold them, but lightweight enough that it doesn't make it crunchy or break my hair. So I'm obsessed with HOLD YOU, because it's so lightweight and gentle, but holds style all day long. 

And then it looks so good the next day, I've just been reviving it with KEEP YOU! I swear, that's the best smelling dry shampoo I've ever used. I want to use it for perfume. (Laughs.)

BLNDN: Ha! So, you're a BLNDN fan?

C+C: Umm, you could say. I literally want to stand on top of a mountain and toss these products to all of the land below. But I don't have a mountain... I have a blog! I'm not even a beauty blogger, but I had to write up a post about BLNDN on C+C!

BLNDN: We're okay with that. 

Image via Cotton and Cabernet

Thanks for the love, Jamie! We're so glad you love BLNDN as much as we do.


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