March 19, 2016


We've all been there; you're sitting in a new stylist's chair and tell her you want bleach blonde. The outcome? It's bleach, alright. Like, really bleach. Why is it white?! You're panicking. Doesn't everyone know what a bleach blonde is? Should you have been more clear?

The answer: Yes. You should have. By learning to properly name your blonde, you can avoid salon faux pas, communicate better with your stylist, and get more bang for your buck.

And so, we present to you; the ultimate guide to naming your blonde. (The blonde-tionary, if you will.)

Silver Blonde

We're all about this trend. The silver blonde is so light that it takes on a gray tint. It has almost no white and never any yellow pieces.

White Blonde

The white blonde is icy, has almost no shades of gold or yellow. (The most difficult maintenance.) Be forewarned; roots against a white blonde will look almost black.

 Platinum Blonde

Unlike the white blonde, platinum blonde boasts the same lightness with the addition of a bit more yellow tones than the white blonde.

Image via The Lemon Blonde

Sandy Blonde

Just like... well, sand. The Sandy blonde has micro-highlights of platinum and some contrasting darker pieces.

Image via ThinkFuse

Strawberry Blonde

Pretty self-explanatory, the Strawberry Blonde boasts hints of red, and can ranges from subtle scarlet to a full-blown redhead. Hint: the eyebrows give it away! 

Ashy Blonde

Sometimes called a gray blonde, the ashy blonde is usually a darker blonde with strands of face-framing gray.

Caramel Blonde

Like its moniker suggests, the caramel blonde is mostly dark with pronounced pieces of gold. A natural caramel blonde has brown eyes and very dark brows.



Darker than the caramel blonde, bronde hair (a combination of brunette + blonde), has a dark base and pieces of dark blonde throughout. There is almost no gold in a true bronde, as there is in a caramel blonde.

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