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It's in our e-mails, spreadsheets, and line orders. It's on pink sticky notes, every bottle of BLNDN in sight, and just about every Keurig pod in the BLNDN HQ. It's the word that made us who we are: blonde. But sometimes, it's blond. Huh?

We've seen both spellings, and now we're confused.

It doesn't even sound like a real question, and we hate to sound like such... well, blondes... But, do you spell blonde?

Just for the record, BLNDN was founded by two super genius blondes with a serious knack for entrepreneurship, and the office is stocked with ladies with just as high of IQ's as levels of eumelanin in their hair.

But... this is about how we all feel right now.

The new Starbucks Coffee Blonde Roast is spelled with an 'e', while record company Blond and Hazelnut omits the 'e' completely. The Blond Cook, a cooking and food blog, catalogues simple recipes online for the foodie community. The Barefoot Blonde, an NYC-based fashion blogger, curates style for fashionistas everywhere. Each fabulous in their own way- so, who is right?

The answer is neither.

Well... kind of. It just depends on who you're looking to appeal to.

According to Grammarist, blondis masculine andblondeis feminine. The adjectiveblond, in American English, takes the masculine form in all applications. When referring to an inanimate object (cough, Starbucks), it's proper to go with the masculine form, and use the blond spelling.

In other words, it's confusing, but to be safe, if you're referring to a woman, the answer is always blonde.

How enlightened do you guys feel?

Apparently Starbucks thought its coffee to be more appealing as a blonde bombshell. And we agree.

Whatever your preference, treat your blonde (or blond!) locks to BLNDN. Because we just spell it wrong altogether, and work for masculine blonds too. (Everyone needs a purple shampoo!)



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Amy @ The Blond Cook
Amy @ The Blond Cook

May 01, 2016

Very cool article! I chose to name my blog “Blond” because the handle for “theblondecook” was taken on a couple of social media sites and I wanted my all of my handles to be the same. I read that blond and blonde were interchangeable but it still is confusing. I’ll definitely have to try some of your products!

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