May 15, 2016


Summer time is around the corner, and whether you're ready for it or not, it's bikini season. But even scarier than that (to us, at least) is that it's prime damage season.

Between the sunshine, salt water, alcohol, and chlorine, vacations start to wreak havoc on hair. Any towhead can tell you that a few hours in a swimming pool will turn their platinum locks anot-so-sought-after shade of green, salt water leaves hair feeling dull, and the harsh water in foreign hotels dries hair out faster than a drop of water on a hot day.

What to do? Leave the floppy hat at home, babe. We're talking about a new kind of protection here.

Stock that duffel bag with your BLNDN faves. We're the only line dedicated to reversing damage after it's already taken place, but bonus points if you can catch it before it ensues. Here are a few tips to care for you hair on vaycay:

  • On your getaway, wash every other day withQUENCH YOU to moisturize locks that have been dried out in the heat all day. 
  • In between washes, revive second day hair with dry shampoo. TryKEEP YOU to absorb oil and add volume without washing. 
  • If you're on a longer getaway (lucky you, babe!), you'll need to use a deep conditioner at least once a week to repair the damage that the chlorine, harsh water, margaritas, and sunshine are depleting. REPAIR YOU restores the strength and softness your abused hair craves without the weight. (Because the last thing you need on vacation is a deep conditioner that's going to suck out all of your volume. You have Instagram photos to take!)
  • After swimming, you'll need to banish the green tint blonde hair takes on after a good swim or jacuzzi sesh. Bring your TONE YOU with you; it's our deep purple rinse with intense shine properties. Use TONE YOU after you cleanse, and before you condition, for immediate elimination of brassiness, chlorine-iness, or any other color thatjust. shouldn't. be there.

Enjoy your vaycay lovelies, and don't forget to love your locks a little harder under those U.V. rays.



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