June 25, 2016


We all know that Fourth of July is a celebration of American independence and how proud we are to be Americans. But for many of us, 4th of July means beach days or pool parties, sunbathing, margaritas, and Ball Park franks.

But what most people don't realize is that the combination of sipping alcohol under direct sunshine is like suicide for our locks; it's double exposure to dehydration, which is the #1 reason that hair breaks off. 

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it accelerates dehydration, causing our hair to be extra brittle even after just a few hours of exposure. "Alcohol can negatively affect our hair in multiple ways," Dr. Robert Dorin, hair specialist and medical director of True & Dorin Medical Group in New York City, told our friends (and fans) over at Byrdie. "Our hair requires constant nourishment, and healthy hair relies on how hydrated our bodies are. Consuming excessive alcohol can leave hair dry and brittle." 

Furthermore, dehydrated hair that's out in the sun all day behind the BBQ is double prone to breakage and split ends in one afternoon. As if alcohol didn't already do the job, the double whammy under the sunshine will for sure; the combination of the two is deadly for locks.

To protect yourself against 4th of July exposure damage, wash immediately the day of or before with QUENCH YOU Quenching Shampoo to give your extra-thirsty locks a little cleanse. On the 5th of July, wash again to restore the moisture that's been depleted after a long night of margarita slamming. Follow with NOURISH YOU Nourishing Conditioner to restore vibrancy to your lackluster locks.

But what your hair is really thirsting for, and most importantly to let your locks absorb, is REPAIR YOU, the ultra thick formula repairs serious damage after the abuse tonight. With the highest levels of the BLNDN complex, REPAIR YOU gives all of the shine, strength and softness your post-4th hair craves without the weight.

If you've got 4th of July plans and aren't exactly ready to give up all the hard work you've put into caring for your locks the last few months, invest in the non-negotiables from BLNDN. There's still plenty of time to order before Fourth of July with our lightning speed shipping. 

Happy Independence Day, babes!



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