December 10, 2015


Balance. It's not easy. We know that.

The family, the schedules, the commitments, the errands. The ticking clock, the deadlines, the rush hour ride home. 

Modern women are expected to do it all, all while looking fabulousAnd in most cases, we do. 

So finding balance isn't easy, and yet, so necessary! BLNDN knows the struggle, because we find it too. But we have created the one place where balance can more naturally exist - your hair. 

Years of processing and years of living take a toll on our hair. We see it and we feel it. Shiny, strong, supple locks give way to dull, damaged, brittle strands. Balance becomes gone, wrecked, done for.

Our hair is more than just a color, it's a part if who we are. It's time to stop looking and time to start loving. We're here to restore balance to your waves, curls and tresses. The BLNDN Complex is clinically proven to defend your luscious locks and restore softness within just one use.

Thank the hair gods (and BLNDN!) -  there is one thing that can stay balanced in your life!

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