November 26, 2015


“We can’t tell you how many times we’ve said the words ‘thank you’, but it never feels like enough, probably because we’ve said it so many times. So, in an attempt to express our gratitude and evoke deeper meaning than the ostensible ‘thank you’ we’ve written you all a love poem. We hope that you enjoy, or at least crack a smile.”  

A Love Poem From BLNDN

Through the ups and downs of this venture, you’ve all kept us sane 
You’ve supported our successes and felt all of our pain 


Although it’s never enough, we try to show you how thankful we are
We hope that this love poem won’t take it too far 


To our families and friends, too many to name 
Without you, our successes would have never been the same


To our husbands, who love us and evoke flames from our sparks
Marc and John we love you both from the bottom of our hearts


To the financial experts, with the calculated eye
We thank you Andrew, Marti, Elena and Armand Nicholi 


To Paul Kruitz, the lawyer of our dreams
You have never doubted our crazy ideas, or at least so it seams 


To Mr. Heffner, the man with the master plan 
You’ve been there since the beginning, and helped us turn “we can’t” into “we can” 


To John, Willy and Mark, you brought the fuel to make our plane fly
You’re living examples of entrepreneurial success stories, not to mention great guys 


To the entire Bulldog Team, with your depth of talent and vision
Without you all, BLNDN never could have arisen


And last but not least, the Guvner, Mr. Shawn Parr 
Without you, we wouldn’t have got this far


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


Much Love,  Erika & Elisa 


Appreciation is a behavior that every person in business should learn as a leading, everyday practice. While basic and expected, it is so often overlooked and undervalued. People work harder and give more when they feel appreciated. And people support and rally for businesses they feel emotionally connected to. From a simple passing “thank you” to a thoughtfully crafted and hand-written note, you’ll be surprised by the impact of appreciation and gratitude.

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