Quench You or Brighten You? A blonde's guide to choosing a shampoo

June 16, 2017 1 Comment

Quench You or Brighten You? A blonde's guide to choosing a shampoo

If you're new to BLNDN, we recommend starting with our Signature Regimen. Why? Because just like a good skincare regimen, our products were designed to work together, to give you softer, stronger, shinier, thicker, and just plain better hair within 10 washes. Skeptical? We get it, we were too which is why we spent buku bucks $$$ to have a 3rd party lab full of scientists test our products to tell us how well (or not) our products work. The results were pretty amazing, after 4 weeks of consecutive use, the participants in our study reported: 

Our Signature Regimen offers you a choice between QUENCH YOU, Quenching Shampoo or BRIGHTEN YOU, Brightening Shampoo. Truth is they both have the same damage repairing qualities. The difference? A deep dark purple pigment intended to counteract brassy tones. If your still a little unsure, heres a little cheat sheet. 


When you're striving for that icy cool blonde tone 

When you have a balayage, highlights or an ombre and you want to reduce the yellow in the lighter pieces. 

When the sun or other environmental factors (like the minerals in your tap water!) are turning your hair an orangy yellow. 

Choose QUENCH YOU... 

When you are striving for that perfect golden blonde shade.

When you need extra shine and moisture. 

When you want your tone or vivid color to last (think pink, peach, rose, violet...)

Bottom line, you really can't go wrong and we're always here to help. Email us anytime at love@blndn.com with questions or help choosing the right regimen for your hair! 


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Jean Lowers
Jean Lowers

June 18, 2017

I love this idea for all the blonde ladies out there. I style A LOT of sun/bleach blondes. Question I have is, with all the bleaching I do for my ladies. I also do alot of keratin smoothing treatments. Is this sulfate/paraben free?? I couldnt find anything on this.. I just assume, but now a days you can’t.

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