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A Guy's Guide to His Girl's Hair Care

June 08, 2018

A Guy's Guide to His Girl's Hair Care

Is your girl taking over your shower? What about your bathroom countertop? What is all this stuff?
If your girl is BLNDN, she's keeping her hair hydrated, shiny, manageable and beautiful so she can keep that babilicous look you fell for in the first place. 

Did you know you can use it too? 

Combat brittle hair caused by hard water with BLNDN Quench You - the shampoo with a little cleanse and a lot of softness without the parabens and sulfates. Choose Quench You when you are striving for that perfect golden blonde shade. 
Brass everyone ...with hair...male or female. There are many reasons hair goes brassy - hard water deposits, chlorine from the pool, salt from the sea, heat and washing your hair too often.
Get rid of the orange and yellow tones in your hair by shampooing regularly with BLNDN Brighten You  - the only purple shampoo that's actually good for your hair to use every day. 
And then there's the gateway bottle to having soft, shiny, awesomeness. It'll even repair your tough hair! 

Apply BLNDN Save You  balancing cream to wet or dry hair. It's leave-in magic that instantly repairs damaged, dull, brittle hair with just a few drops. As as one blogger calls it, "heaven in 5.1 ounces."

And it's sitting right on your bathroom counter top.  You know you wanna try it! 


BLNDN products are for everyone. Anthony Leonard, the Manhattan stylist known for knowing hair even says so:  

 You don't have to be a Blonde to use it! They have a product for every hair type, male or female! @anthonyPalermohaircolor 

Take back your shower by becoming a Blndnbabe too! 


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life changer

This really is my new best friend just like the bottle says! It has drastically improved my hair since day one. I am now hooked on all of BLNDN's products. If you are on the fence, try this out! It will change your life! Judy

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