Behind the Chair: Interview with Stylist Courtney Curtiss

November 09, 2018

Behind the Chair: Interview with Stylist Courtney Curtiss

Today we had a chance to catch up with master stylist Courtney Curtiss. She's been in the biz for over 13 years, a mom to 4 kids and also a fitness competitor!

We've been dying to know how she manages to juggle it all, keep her copper locks looking fantastic and keep her clients coming back every month! All photos featured are from Courtney- cut, color and style.

Courtney uses BLNDN products at Design 1 Salon Spa, creating subtle yet effective results, and gorgeous hair. Before we dive in, if 
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BLNDN: Hi Courtney! Thanks for checking in with us. Inquiring minds want to know, how did you get your start? 

Courtney: I was the girl in my group of friends that did everyone’s hair. Color, styles, updos for dances, you name it. I had no exact clue what I was doing, but it felt right. I initially wanted to go to Design School. My dad was an architectural engineer and the industry at the time was failing. He felt it was best for me to seek another career. Hair school it was. Best choice ever. There’s so much reward in what we do behind the chair. It’s more than just giving them the perfect fringe or the “pumpkin spice latte” color off Pinterest. It goes so much deeper than that. I love the saying I have heard many times, we are Day Makers! 

Courtney Curtiss Design 1 Salon Spa

BLNDN: Pumpkin spice latte color requests?? We've got to check that out! So you could work anywhere, why Design 1 Salon Spa? 

Courtney: This salon has it all! People want to be a part of the Design 1 Team, clients want Design 1 Salon Spa's name to be behind the results of their hair, nails and skin. It’s the #1 Salon and Day spa in Grand Rapids for a reason! And I’m especially glad to be a part of that.

BLNDN: Nice! So being in the business for 13 years, you've probably seen it all. What's coming up for Winter? 

Courtney: Transitioning into the winter season here in the mitten state, a lot of people start to go darker. But my favorite is when blondes still want to be blonde but want that “winter blonde”. I love using the term “recycling” existing color. Using what they have already and adding in depths or pops to make it look like we spent hours to achieve that look. Lots of deep chocolates. That can be a lot of fun too, so many tones to achieve that look. Warm, adding in reds etc. I’m noticing a lot of heavy fringe, but still airy. Curtain bangs are the best! Opens up the face just enough, but keeps it classy and sassy!

Courtney Curtiss Design 1 Salon Spa

BLNDN: Yes!! We just went in for some low lights and a bit of red. What about Spring 2019? 

Courtney: Spring 2019 brings that blonde back full swing and having no regrets about it! Golden tones, peachy buttery blondes! Salty hair! Can’t go wrong!

BLNDN: Being by the beach in San Diego, California, we definitely see that salty, beach hair look all year round. Besides what your clients are asking for, who do you look towards to spot those early trends? 

Courtney: I truly love the team at 901! They’re not only highly educational with techniques but also so inspiring. Keeping things real. Riawna Capri. Tim Duenas. Nikki Lee! Again, their whole team! Also Hair by Chrissy is amazing to watch. All of her hand tied extensions are just insane and her guests are STUNNING!!

Courtney Curtiss Design 1 Salon Spa

BLNDN: Thank you! Ooh, so many new faces to check out. Besides the hair, you must spot some trends in the fitness world as a Bikini Competitor in the National Physique Committee. How did you even get into fitness competitions?

Courtney: It's become a passion over the past few years for me and my husband. I wanted to push myself into something that would test me mentally and physically. This experience has been the most amazing thing I have done for myself personally. 

BLNDN: Incredible!! We're excited just watching it unfold on your Instagram. Okay, now for the nitty gritty. Why BLNDN products? What is it that you love and what do you tell your clients? 

Courtney: Wow! That is honestly a really hard question for me! Only because I still try to find the right words to educate my guests on this amazing line! Without using a million words or saying it’s amazing, trust me, buy it. The benefits! The simplicity! The results! Versatile! It’s for almost anyone!!!! Packaging is clean and expensive looking. Save you...come on! Liquid gold to me! Never go without it and a majority of my guests feel the same. Thank goodness.

BLNDN: Thank you! So your favorite product is?

Courtney: Well, considering my last answer...SAVE YOU!

BLNDN Save You

BLNDN: Love it. So when a client leaves the chair, what advice do you give? Any at-home haircare regimen that you recommend?

Courtney: Yes, to always to maintain the quality of their hair! Keeping their hair youthful, strong and hydrated at the proper dosage is key! With shampoos and conditioners, I always make sure they understand that it all starts in the shower. Your regimen starts at that exact moment. If you’re not using the right cleanser and conditioner for your hair, the rest doesn’t fit into the puzzle.

BLNDN: Agreed! And how about for those new stylists that you meet, what kind of advice do you have for them? 

Courtney: Trust the process, never stop learning and always have fun!

Courtney Curtiss Design 1 Salon Spa

BLNDN: It always looks like fun at Design 1 Salon Spa! Wish we lived closer to all of you. 

If you're in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Courtney is accepting new clients and you can find her at Design 1 Salon Spa Gaines. And again, if you're interested in trying BLNDN, we're offering 20% off for 1st time customers! Just enter BLNDN20 at checkout.

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