10 Tips for Holiday Travel Haircare from our BLNDN Babes

December 17, 2018

Winter Holiday Travel Tips Hair Care

Here at BLNDN, we know when it comes to your locks, the holidays bring some challenges.

You’ll be gathering with old friends, hanging with family, and maybe even meeting the parents! Ahhh!! So it goes without saying your hair needs to look great, especially as your mom introduces you to all of her friends.

But with traveling often comes the unexpected, from last minute visitors to that 'casual' brunch with the in-laws (Yikes! Go away bedhead!)

BLNDN Haircare Travel Holidays

Then there's Christmas morning. You want to stay in pajamas, but don't want to look too ragged, so how in the world to really look your best when you literally just rolled out of bed??

Since we know you have so many other things to consider during the holiday season, here are some of the travel tips we gathered from our BLNDN Babes to keep your hair looking gorgeous, wherever you go.


10 Tips for Holiday Travel Haircare from our BLNDN Babes:

    1. Start With a Low-Maintenance Cut and Color: Starting with a good low-maintenance cut will make your life (and morning routine) much easier when traveling. This will depend on your natural hair style, but shoot for a “wash-and-go” look to save you the time of blow drying and styling your hair daily. Choose a haircolor as close to your natural color as possible. Not only will it still look great if your color fades, it will save you from lugging around too many specialty products.

      BLNDN Haircare Holiday Travel

    2. Dry Shampoo = Fabulous on the Go: BLNDN’s  dry shampoo is the perfect companion for all your holiday travels. Revive second day hair or give your clean hair some much needed texture, all with just a few sprays. If only interacting with family were as simple. 

    3. Bring a Curling Iron: Even though you want that lazy chic look at après ski,it’s important to bring the big guns for when you need it. A small curling iron is a great way to add some volume and bounce to your hair without taking up too much room in your bag. (Just be sure to read tip 10 before plugging your curler into the wall).

      BLNDN Haircare travel holidays

      4. Honey I Shrunk The… Everything: Even though you picked an easy to maintain cut and color, you still want to bring all your favorite BLNDN hair products to make sure your tresses stay bright until the new year. Plan ahead and organize your toiletries, and if you’re flying with only a carry-on (then girl, we are proud already!) remember to follow the 3-1-1 rule for carry-ons: 3.4 oz (100ml) or less bottle; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger...although we've gotten away with one plastic bag per bag. Hmmm...just a thought.

      5. Purple (Shampoo) Power:If you’re new to blonde hair treatments,  purple shampoo may seem a bit strange. But ask any blondie veteran and they’ll tell you when it comes to keeping your hair bright, BLNDN’s Brighten You shampoo has all the power. Traveling through the elements (snow, wind, saltwater, sun, etc.) will take its toll on the color you worked so hard for, so be sure to bring your purple shampoo along.

      BLNDN Haircare holiday travel tips

      6. Conditioner… Leave it in!: Just like dry shampoo will save you a bunch of time and fuss,  leave-in conditioner will too. Try our Save You Leave In Conditioner and leave in your hair if you’re in a dry climate and need some extra moisture. Or spray and go for added protection during a day at the beach. Not only will protect your hair, but it will make your instagram pictures extra enviable too.

      7. Repair With Deep Conditioning: BLNDN’s  Repair You Repairing Mask formula will give you gorgeous hair and peace of mind. Whether you’re worried about the damage done after spending the day braving the cold winds and rain in Paris, or the salty waves and tropical sun of Tulum, or just want to look your best when seeing your family and friends, Repair You is specially designed to repair damaged hair, leaving your locks shiny, soft, and strong.

      BLNDN Holiday travel tips

      8. Stay Smooth:  Bring some high-quality oil to keep your hair smooth, moisturized, and frizz free. Some of the best oils for frizzy hair include grapeseed, safflower, sweet almond, macadamia, argan, and coconut. 

      9. Cover it Up: No matter how well we plan and how well-behaved our hair tends to be, we all have that “I wish I would have at least brushed my hair this morning” moment. And traveling and staying at a hotel or with loved ones can make this moment feel a lot worse. Prepare for the inevitable by bringing along some cute beanies, scarfs, bandanas, pins, barrettes and trucker hats. Not only will these be great to protect your hair from the sun, cute accessories can dress up your look, even if you're just running to yoga.

      10. Adapt: We’ve all heard a few horror stories about a friend whose blown up a blow dryer or fried a hostel’s power supply. Plan ahead and bringing any power adapters you may need. Power adapters will be different across Europe, Asia, and more, so here's some of Travel + Leisure's top choices, and all can be purchased on Amazon.

These are just some of our BLDN Babes favorite travel tips to maintain great hair on the road.

What are your favorite tips for soft and beautiful hair while traveling over the holidays? Let us know in the comments!

Looking for more ideas in for your everyday haircare routine? Check out  BLNDN’s line of products!

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