December 01, 2016


Maybe you're 20, maybe you're 40 - no matter the age we all eventually start to naturally gray, or as we like to say "we all end up a little blonde." In fact - did you know the chemistry of chemically lightening your blonde locks is actually the exact same as your hair naturally lightening? And so is the damage. That's right. It's called oxidation, and it happens to us all. 

When we head over to the salon, our stylist uses an oxidative agent (like hydrogen peroxide) to lighten our locks from the outside. But our hair actually naturally produces hydrogen peroxide as well. So, as we age, the enzymes that normally counterbalance the hydrogen peroxide slow down, causing a build up and resulting in the hair lightening from the inside out and becoming gray or white. 

So let's take care of our hair the way we take care of our skin as it also naturally ages. These products help repair the damaging effects of both natural and chemical oxidation so that you are loving the way your hair looks and feels, regardless of it's color!


This deep violet sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo not only repairs your locks leaving them soft and shiny, but if you choose to rock your silver tresses, this shampoo will cut the unwanted yellow tones that gray hair experiences, leaving your locks looking bright and beautiful! A must for our gray-haired goddesses! ADD TO CART


Like the purple shampoo, this deep violet rinse perfectly tones your gorgeous silver locks. With high levels of the ingredient Murumuru Butter, your hair will look revitalized, glossy and incredibly shiny after the treatment. Leave on for 3-5 minutes after you shampoo and before you condition for bright, brass-free silver hair. ADD TO CART


This is a must for all naturally graying hair, regardless of color. With the highest levels of our revolutionary BLNDN Complex, this ultra-thick formula repairs serious damage, and provides shine, strength and softness. Think masks are too heavy for you? This was designed for fine to medium hair and packs a serious reparative punch without the weight! ADD TO CART



This is the hero of the BLNDN line, and the product that is sure to get you hooked on lightweight damage repair. In third party clinical studies, 100% of women noticed an immediate improvement in softness and shine, 97% improvement in dryness and 94% improvement in the appearance of damage. Like skincare regimens, our results also intensify over time with hair feeling 10 years younger within 5-10 uses! ADD TO CART

 What are your favorite products for naturally graying hair?


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