January 18, 2017


At BLNDN headquarters, there is no shortage of unapologetic “bottled blondes” walking the halls donning every shade from rose gold to gunmetal. We all know that bleaching causes damage, and we also know that we aren’t going to stop.

So how do we minimize the drama? Well, the first step is understanding the cause of the damage and the second step is doing something about it.

Bleach and Damage

Of all the coloring methods out there, bleach is universally touted as one of the most damaging to the hair. Ok great, we've heard that before... now tell me why

Put simply, lightening the hair requires a bleaching agent, most often a combination of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which raises your hairs’ outer layer (called “the cuticle”). This allows the bleaching agent to fully penetrate the hair strand. Think of the hair’s cuticle like protective scales on a snake (icky, but true) and when they raise up they allow the bleaching agent to penetrate the spongy layer below, (called "the cortex"). The cortex is what gives your hair its strength, color and texture. It’s no surprise that lifting the outer protective layer to let the bleach in also lets your hair's natural oils and moisture out, leaving it susceptible to dryness and breakage. 

Chronic bleachers 

So, does that mean that bleach addicts like us need an intervention? Not necessarily… but it’s important to understand that although our hair is quite resilient to abuse, repeated bleaching can permanently raise the outer layer on your hair strands. This results in rapid and continuous loss of moisture. It also makes your hair more vulnerable to other harsh processes. Blow drying, straightening, curling...le sigh…

Wave the white flag? 

Don’t cancel that appointment with your colorist just yet! Trichologists (fancy word for “Hair Scientist”) at Philip Kingsley say that the best way to combat these symptoms is to use hair products that infuse proteins, moisture and nutrients back into the cortex and also encourage the outer cuticle to close, so that the moisture content and strength is maintained and the protective layer is reinforced.


Our BLNDN complex was designed to infuse naturally derived super nutrients back into the cortex of the hair while simultaneously strengthening the cuticle, the hair's outer protective layer. We encourage all new BLNDN Babes to start with our 3-step Signature Regimen and ask you to give us 10 washes to realize the amazing results - stronger, softer and shinier hair. 

Our Promise

Bottom line, BLNDN works because we needed it to work. As unapologetic members of the chronic bleachers club, we needed hair products that were scientifically proven to strengthen, moisturize and protect our hair. Because, guess what??? We’re not going to start apologizing for being blonde (or creamy beige or strawberry…) and neither should you!

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