January 19, 2017


"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life" - Coco Chanel

There is no denying that there is a powerful connection between your hair and your identity. Hair helps define the persona you aim to show to others, and influence the way you define yourself to yourself. Hair can be used as a security blanket, a secret weapon, a "don't mess with me" statement and cutting it off can be incredibly liberating. 

True to that statement, I cut off my long blonde hair 5 years ago right as I was getting out of a hard relationship. I didn't realize it at the time, but cutting off my hair into a short pixie was the first step in shedding insecurities and saying goodby to toxic people. Within a few months, I moved out of my hometown to San Diego, CA and dove headfirst into creating BLNDN with my best friend Elisa ("Little E"). Who would have known that a two hour appointment with my stylist could be that powerful???

So, whether it's to signal the end of a relationship or a new promotion at work — there is often a direct correlation between what's happening on our heads and what's happening in our lives. So why not go for that textured lob you've drooling over or splurge on those gorgeous extensions you've been dreaming of? Give your stylist a call, book an appointment and change your life. 

With Love, Erika (Co-Founder & "Big E") 

Have your own hair-changing story? Share it with us in the comments or reach out to us anytime!


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