BLNDN Babe Spotlight - Artist & 40+ Model MaryAnn Elizabeth

February 28, 2017

BLNDN Babe Spotlight - Artist & 40+ Model MaryAnn Elizabeth

We're thrilled to share our new bi-monthly feature with you, BLNDN Babe Spotlight. As one of the only professional hair care brands owned and operated by women, this feature highlights trailblazing women in the beauty and fashion industry. We hope that their stories inspire you as much as they do us! 

Our very first feature is a mini interview with artist and 40+ model MaryAnn Elizabeth. She's worked with brands such as IT Cosmetics, Josie Maran Cosmetics and Kelbourne Woolens. She's the trifecta, confident, creative and brilliant all rolled into one drop dead gorgeous package. 

(BLNDN) Tell us a little about you, your career and how you became a model?

(M.E) My formal background is in the visual arts, MFA and a BFA…I have collected a few pieces of expensive paper along the way. I have worked as a professional artist for a large part of my adult life: graphic designer, fine artist (painter), I have also taught on the college level within the arts & humanities. I consider modeling a creative medium, a form of expression, a visual I use to hopefully inspire other women to age with grace and glow with pride in all aspects of their lives! It is ironic that I would begin a modeling career in my late, I was first “discovered” by Eileen Ford at age 15, and offered a NY contract with Ford Models. But I was very young, my parents were not in favor of the modeling path, now a parent myself of two boys, ages 14 and 17, my oldest son just signed with my NYC agent MSA. Who knows maybe you’ll see us in a campaign together… full circle as they say! 

(BLNDN) So many women (and men!) struggle with whether they want to go gray. How/when/why did you decide to go gray?  

(M.E) I came to the decision to stop coloring out of necessity. Years of heat and color treating left my hair very damaged; I wanted to regain my healthy hair. (The SIGNATURE REGIMEN was my first purchase of BLNDN products I discovered in my effort to restore my hair).

(BLNDN) Many say that the fashion and beauty industry are shifting to more accurately represent the diversity around us. What are your thoughts and would you agree?

(M.E) I am more optimistic about this now then I was in my late twenties! Although I have experienced different trends depending on the market, i.e., I was on a job this week where much time was spent covering my grey/silver roots with powered eye shadow. I don’t take it personally, as a former graphic designer I understand the logistics of selling a product, as a model it is my job to emote, to sell, to assume a role, and make the client happy. I intend to keep going with my transition to my natural hair color, I love my silver streak, but I have lost some job opportunities because of my choice.

(BLNDN) If you could go back and tell your 25 year old self one thing, what would that be? 

(M.E) What others think of you is none of your business (good or bad)! Listen to your inner wisdom; it is always there to guide you.

(BLNDN) What does confidence mean to you?

(M.E) This is a great question because I believe aging positively is about gaining true confidence! In terms of body confidence, I have more now than I ever did in my youth, but feeling confident is more than just looking your best, I think really confident people aren’t afraid to take the mask off and be real.  

Thanks so much for sharing with us Maryann! You are a bonafide #BLNDNbabe and we admire you!

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