August 03, 2016


WHY BLNDN? BLNDN is a treatment line that actually fixes the structural integrity of your hair, so that you have a strong canvas to build styling upon. Think of us as your hair’s skin care, and everything else is the makeup!

WHAT IS OXIDATION? Oxidation causes damaged, unbalanced hair. This is done by either adding an oxidative agent like hydrogen peroxide to our hair when chemically lightening, or from the natural buildup of hydrogen peroxide in our hair over time. The chemistry (and the side-effects) from chemically lightening or naturally graying is the same – even if we are covering it up!

WHO IS BLNDN FOR? BLNDN is for compromised, or imbalanced, hair- whether from chemically lightening, naturally graying, or a little bit of both. Our formula is designed to be weightless and residue free - you can add, but you can’t take away.

IS IT JUST FOR BLONDES? No, blondes are just the worst offenders, and typically the hair type that requires light weight care. Because the damage of oxidation happens to all of us as we age, any hair type can benefit from our line.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I USE BLNDN? Use daily! Best results are seen after 3-4 weeks, but improved shine and softness are seen after the very first application.

CAN I USE IT IF I COLOR MY HAIR? Absolutely. BLNDN is color safe. Our natural ingredients make it gentle on the hair and scalp. We support natural or chemical color in your hair.

HOW WILL I KNOW IT’S WORKING? Most women see shine and softness improve after the first use, and after a couple weeks, many see their hair return to its original state before bleach or age took its toll – the way it was intended to be. Our product is truly lightweight and residue free – if you feel like your hair is flatter, it is actually because your hair is now healthy and there is no frizz to puff it out. If you desire more volume, we set the foundation to add volumizing products to. Same if you desire more slip – we set the foundation to add your oils to. Over time your hair will improve and will feel like hair - not product.

WHAT’S IN BLNDN? The BLNDN Complex is in every one of our products and consists of the highest quality natural plant derived emollients to treat your hair: Camellia Leaf, Baobab Seed, Pomegranate Seed Oil, and Murumuru Butter.

WHAT’S NOT IN IT? BLNDN is gluten-free, vegan, animal cruelty-free, paraben-free and free of harmful sulfates.

IS IT ORGANIC? We use the highest quality plant derived emollients, but we are a performance line, and therefore not organic.

IS IT KERATIN SAFE? Yes, BLNDN does not degrade chemical treatments such as Keratin, Brazilian and straightening treatments.

CAN I USE OTHER STYLING AIDS? Yes! We complement; we don’t compete! BLNDN supports your styling aids first by repairing your hair, then by sealing the hair cuticle, creating a blank canvas that is protected from all the elements - including your hot tools.

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