August 05, 2016


Now that summer is nearing an end and festival season seemingly over, some might argue that the glitter root craze that Teen Vogue dubbed "the trend that won 2015" has seen its day. And while we can totally admit that the glitter craze definitely either screamed 4th grade dance recitalor I'm at Coachella,we're also thinking that Christmas is only 4 months away, and that emerald green Christmas dress hiding in your closet might be a match made in heaven for the jar of gold craft glitter collecting dust in the back of your linen closet.

Plus, our roots are due for a touch up... so, like, why not?

For the ultimate glitter situation, skip the wash and give those rainbow sparkles a little somethin' to hold on to.

In a small bowl, mix four or so pumps of your BLNDN SAVE YOU Balancing Cream with your glitter of choice. We used some simple silver sparkly hearts from the drug store, but if you happen to have leftover red moons that have resurfaced after helping your niece with her science project, you might as well go all out; we're not exactly trying to err on the conservative side here, and this trend is truly minimal commitment. It washes right out!

(Unless you're into sparkly pillows- which we kind of are. Marking your territory with bobby pins is so last year.)

Using that teasing comb, part hair either down the center or in a deep side part-- whichever way your hair naturally will behave itself.

Using a small brush (think eyeshadow size), apply the mixture to your part, only veering off course about an inch into your hair. For extra drama, use the good 'ol pinch and sprinkle technique to supplement silver sparkles to your sparse areas. (How was that for alliteration?)

To set sparkles in place, apply a thin layer of a soft holding hairspray like HOLD YOU, and be on your sparkly way. When you're ready to un-sparkle, wash with your favorite gentle shampoo like QUENCH YOU

Shine on, BLNDN babes. 



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