Sneak Peek! BLNDN Summer Campaign | Launching June 1

April 29, 2017

Sneak Peek! BLNDN Summer Campaign | Launching June 1

10 steps forward and 10 steps back…A sneak peek at our summer campaign, brought to you by "Big E" (Erika) and "little e" (Elisa) 💜

To give you an idea, let’s first give you the clinical definition of a perfectionist

"A person who strives for flawlessness, a perfect creation, outcome or performance. They find it difficult to delegate, even if that means neglecting their health, relationships and wellbeing in pursuit of a 'perfect' outcome"

As 2 first-born, type A personalities raised in Southern California, you nailed us…Next, we want you to replace the word “perfectionist” with the word “entrepreneur” and read the definition again (Mind = 💥right?)

Now watch these perfectionist/entrepreneurs and see them fail...not once, but 1,000 times….headaches, heartaches, all-nighters, wine-and-tear-fueled rants, overwhelming guilt and overdrawn bank accounts are just the symptoms of a perfectionist/entrepreneur failing and experiencing crippling self doubt… You’ve heard it before, to survive as an entrepreneur you must come to grips with the fact that “perfect” doesn’t exist and that success is a result of how many steps you take forward after getting knocked back.

This campaign won’t be about our story necessarily, but the stories of the#BLNDNbossbabes who inspire us - those who take 10 steps forward, 10 steps back, get up the next morning and do it all over again.


Becca Batista


Mimi & Red

Del Mar Tan 


Kill the with Chic 

The Good Life Co 

Holy Matcha




Brought to you by 2 imperfect perfectionists "Big E” & “little e” (launching June 1) 💜

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