Going blonde? Brighten You is the answer

October 23, 2017

Going blonde? Brighten You is the answer

Today.com posted a great article the other day, featuring your's truly, BLNDN's BRIGHTEN YOU Purple Shampoo. 

Check out all of these brunette celebrities going blonde!

Ok, they all look amazing, but why does it always seem that our blonde hues looks less than salon fresh sometimes just days after our appointment? 1 word - BRASS. You know that icky yellow town that's no where close to the warm Godie Locks blonde hue you're after. Or when your perfect Khaleesi white platinum looks a little dull... Cue, BRIGHTEN YOU purple shampoo

Here's the trick, most of us actually don't use enough purple shampoo or leave it on long enough to coat every hair. Our suggestion is to use about 1.5x the amount of shampoo as you normally do and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before you rinse. BRIGHTEN YOU purple shampoo is meant to be rinsed out throughly, so don't be surprised when you see those deep purple suds going down the drain. Still feeling a little dull? For even more intense toning, what we really need is TONE YOU toning rinse. It's our secret step in between shampoo & conditioner that will guarantee brass-free tone whatever your ideal shade. 

We recommend using BRIGHTEN YOU and TONE YOU 2-3x a week to start. Give our purple toning duo a shot and tag us on instagram, @myblndn to show off your gorgeous tone.

xo, Team BLNDN 

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