Mom Hair?

May 04, 2018

Mom Hair?

Mom’s be busy. Mom’s be blond. Mom's be BLNDN.  

There is a lot of advice out there for busy moms on how to do it all and how to look good. You’re thinking ‘I’m already exhausted and now you want me to do my hair all fancy?” 
Here are 3 quick tips on how you can show off your golden locks without adding to the to-do list: 
  • You can’t beat the messy bun. It’s part “I don’t have time” and part “sexy style”. Best of all it works better with 2nd or 3rd day unwashed hair! Use your fingers and pull your hair into a high pony tail. Secure with a hairband. Divide it into two parts. Tease (backcomb) both parts or your hair and then apply BLNDN Hold You hairspray to bring volume and texture to your bun. Wrap each of the strands around the bottom of the pony tail, wrapping tightly at first and then looser as you go around in opposite directions. Then pin it in the front, back and sides with bobby pins. If you have any loose ends, tuck them in and spray with BLNDN Hold You for all day hold. 
  • For you wavy, curly, frizzy and thick-haired moms, use BLNDN Save You balancing cream. It hydrates and detangles your hair instantly and makes it smooth, manageable and shiny. 
  • When your day-two hair starts looking limp and greasy, BLNDN Keep You keeps you from going crazy! Skip the washing; washing every day not only takes time, it takes away beneficial oils that keep hair supple and healthy. Dry shampoo absorbs natural oils while giving hair more body.  BLNDN Keep You is a convenient way to get rid of the grease, give you some extra texture and to leave your hair looking and smelling fresh instantly! 

Every product is formulated withBLNDN Complex to show off your color, restore even the most damaged hair and keep it easy to manage.

When you just need some time to grab a cup of caffeine and maybe drink it all before you hear the next "Mom!", BLNDN Keep You, Hold You and Save You to the rescue!

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