Have a Blonde Moment

August 31, 2017

Have a Blonde Moment

BLONDE MOMENT /bländ mōmənt/

Dictionary.com: brief mental lapse, as of judgment or memory 

Urban Dictionarywhen a girl, not always blonde acts stupid, or naive sometimes, turning into a stereotypical blonde.

Quora.comBlondes are stereotyped as being a bit, well, dumb, so a blonde moment is when you do something extremely stupid for no reason at all.

Ok folks, we have a problem... Don't get us wrong, we're all about laughing at ourselves and we will admit that we've LOL'd at our fair share of blonde jokes, but when a stereotype gets it SO wrong (think J.K Rowling, Diane Sawyer, Jane Goodall, Meg Whitman, Martha Stewart)  we've gotta take a step back and turn it on it's pretty little head. 

Here's our proposition: let's turn a Blonde Moment into something amazing. Have a Blonde Moment when you're steady and confident in the face of uncertainty, when you feel beautiful without makeup on, sexy on a Saturday night watching Netflix solo in PJs, and brilliant when there is no one else to compare yourself to.

Give it a shot Babes, and we will too. We may not change the world, but just maybe it will allow us to love ourselves a bit more, laugh more often, and enjoy every Blonde Moment that comes our way!


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