Hey There Golden Goddess!

August 16, 2017

Hey There Golden Goddess!

We love our BLNDN Babes more than everything in the world! (yes EVERYTHING not anything!)

We get especially giddy when they've fallen in love with one of our newest custom hair care regimens. Cynthia, or more famously known as The Siren Confidential, bada$$ entrepreneur entrepreneur, blogger, lover of coffee, traveling, San Diego, sushi, fitness, fashion and wine (definitely OUR kind of woman) discovered the Warm Blonde Regimen for Fine Hair and she can't get enough! Check out what she had to say about us, and of course follow her on Instagram! @thesirenconfidential 

Who likes hair that shines like a disco ball? 🕺🏼 Well you know ----

I love finding new lines, that are small business, made for women by women👯, and are made from the highest quality ingredients and ethically sourced and cruelty free.🚫🐰

I'm teamed up with@myblndn that is full haircare lined focused on blonde ...owned by Erika and Elisa here in Southern Cali, who are self described as two unapologetic "bottled blondes" (and super cool chicks I might add) - who say you can bleach your hair til the cows come home, and still have gorgeously healthy and shiny hair with their new regimes from Platinum to what they refer to as "Bronde" (which is a brown blonde).😜 -----

I've been using my Warm Blonde Regimen for Fine Hair exclusively for the last week, and must agree, my hair is indeed looking more shiny. I'll be back in another week or so with more updates, but as of today, has my 109% endorsement. Which is not given lightly.☝🏻 -----

Enter the code "SIREN10" at checkout for $10 off of your customized regimen by your hair color and type. Can't wait to hear how you love it and improves your hair too.✌🏻


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