December 09, 2016


So you've left your colorist's hair but you are starting to get dull, brassy locks. This is not what you signed up for! No worries - as blonde haircare experts, we have a few tricks up our sleeves and are happy to share our knowledge :)

Get A Shower Filter

Aside from the product you choose to lather up with, the level of mineral deposits coming out of your shower head plays a significant role in brassy hair. If you live in an area with high levels of mineral deposit, it's likely causing all of it to be chilling in your mane, making your locks super thirsty and extra prone to damage. Water with high levels of mineral deposits- often referred to as "hard water"- also keeps hair from being able to absorb moisture.

Since it's not likely that you're ready to start packing boxes and move to a soft water area, there are two ways you can combat hard water. First and foremost, invest in a water filter. It's not exactly inexpensive, but your hair will thank you in the long run. In the meantime, combat brittle hair caused by hard water with BLNDN QUENCH YOU- the shampoo with a little cleanse and a lot of softness without the parabens and sulfates. 

Avoid Smoke + Pollution

If you (or someone you live with) smokes, chances are you've noticed your locks have taken on a yellow tinge. That yellow tinge is actually a film-like layer that has been absorbed into your hair. Yuck! If you're a smoker, or you're regularly exposed to air pollutants (perhaps you work in a hookah bar or casino), it's likely that your hair has taken a serious beating. Rinse regularly with BLNDN TONE YOU to combat the buildup of smoke on your soon-to-be gorgeous head of hair.

Fight the Brassiness

A very small percentage of the world's population is naturally platinum (we're with you here), so chances are, your hair underneath is a lot darker than the shade your colorist blesses you with. If your hair is naturally darker than your salon color, you’re already way more susceptible to fighting brass long-term. The darker your hair, the more of a challenge it is to lift the pigment underneath out of your locks, making darker-haired bombshells more than twice as prone to brassy color. To fight brassiness, shampoo regularly with BLNDN BRIGHTEN YOU- the only purple shampoo that's actually good for your hair to use every day without drying it out. 

Take Your Vitamins

When paired with a hair care regimen (like using the BLNDN line)extra vitamins and supplements can help give your locks a boost. Try adding the following into your rotation: Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Zinc, Biotin, and Iron.

Use Stylist Treatments

Sunlights Balayage Lightener. This clay based lightener lifts and lightens for the perfect balayage tone. Have your stylist pair this with BLNDN’s TONE YOU toning rinse to maintain your blonde.

Olaplex Bond Multiplier. BLNDN increases the longevity of this service by reducing brassiness and amplifying rapid cell regeneration.

Happy Blonding Babes! 


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