December 16, 2016


The clock strikes midnight, and you think to yourself: "How will I make myself better this year?"

Will it be that diet or new workout? Will it be a vow to go to bed early? Drink more water? Take that ceramics or creative writing class you've been eyeing? Learn how to cook your Grandma's famous casserole? 

How about: Get strong, healthy hair. Or: Make heads turn with my gorgeous head of hair. Maybe: Finally embrace my gray locks. Or perhaps: Keep my blonde so bright the haters will need shades.

Well Babes - those are some resolutions we can't argue with at all. Resolutions are tough, but with BLNDN you will be armed to keep at least one resolution: New Year, New Hair.

So how do you get heads to turn in 2017? Start with a BLNDN System. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 

blndn products

Step 1: Cleanse. Our protein rich shampoos are free of parabens and harmful sulfates, plus they are vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free - all things to get behind in 2017! 

BRIGHTEN YOU has a luxurious lather with intense hydration and all of the protein-rich, shine-enhancing benefits of QUENCH YOU, PLUS a deep violet pigment to instantly banish brassy tones. Bonus: this non-drying purple shampoo is actually safe to use on your locks daily!

Step 2: Condition. Seal in all those nutrients with our lightweight conditioner NOURISH YOU.This conditioner penetrates the strands immediately (no need to leave in) and is feather light for those gals with finer hair who are sensitive to nourishing conditioners. Although it doesn't feel heavy, Nourish You has the high levels of the BLNDN Complex (Baobab Protein for strength, Murumuru Butter for shine, Camellia Leaf Extract for an antioxidant boost and Pomegranate Seed Oil for rapid cell regeneration) leaving your locks in their healthiest condition, without weighing them down. You'll be begging your partner and your friends: "Babe, feel my hair!"

Step 3: Finish. At this point your hair will be feeling glorious, but after this step you will be truly addicted to maintaining your resolution! Cue SAVE YOU: the balancing leave-in cream that has been called "A miracle in a bottle," and is scientifically proven to make your hair feel softer, shinier and healthier after the very first application. 

You will add a small dollop of SAVE YOU to your towel-dried tresses post shower to seal up your cuticles and protect your newfound beautiful locks from all the elements including your hot tools. You can also use SAVE YOU on dry hair to tame flyways and add shine.

Viola - you are on your way to healthier hair in 2017. The results of the BLNDN product regimen are cumulative. Expect your hair to feel 10 years younger in 5-10 washes, and bask in the glory that is YOU!


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