How To Take Perfect Pics Of Your Hair For Instagram – A Complete Guide

July 11, 2019

How To Take Perfect Pics Of Your Hair For Instagram – A Complete Guide

Look, you’ve got great hair, and you want to show it off! We get it. This is exactly why the team at BLNDN is going to teach you how to take photos of your hairstyles that are Insta-ready! We’ll discuss everything you need to know – from lighting to photo composition, hair styling and more. Keep reading, and get all the details!

How to take the perfect photo of your hair for Instagram

Wondering how you can snap pics of your hair that look totally perfect on Instagram? If you follow the tips below, you’re sure to be rolling in “likes” in no time.

Start with natural lighting – and don’t be afraid to backlight!

There is no replacement for great lighting. If you’re snapping pics of your hair with a smartphone, and you don’t have professional camera equipment or lighting, that means one thing – you need natural lighting! 

Indoor lighting is going to make your hair look dull. It just doesn’t have enough power to bring out your highlights, and the fine details of your hairstyle. So if the weather is nice, you should try to snap a photo outside – and even if the weather is bad, you should be able to find somewhere with a few big windows, which will let the sun in!

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That brings us to another point. While most professionals try to avoid backlit photographs, this can actually be a great technique for your hair, particularly at the “golden hour” when the sun is low in the sky. If your hair is backlit, it will pick up a beautiful glow, which will help accentuate your hairstyle!

Pick the right background

An interesting background will help lend more visual interest to your photographs, but the right background depends on what the purpose of your photo is.

If you want to show off your latest hairstyle, and you want it to be the focus on the picture, you may want to choose a plain background – like a wall, or a window. But if you want more visual interest, you can choose to snap your pics outside, in a place like a park, the beach, or anywhere else that fits the theme of your photo!

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Style your hair appropriately for the theme of the photo

If you want your photo to be fun and relaxed, consider some beachy waves or a messy bun! Want a more sophisticated look? Go for a more high-gloss ponytail or a tight bun! The right style really depends on the kind of photo you want to take – so style your hair and your wardrobe accordingly.

Focus on a strong composition: learn the “Rule of Thirds”

If your hair is not going to be the sole focus of your photo, you should implement the “Rule of Thirds.” This is a photography rule that says that photos are more visually interesting when the subjects are not centered. Instead, you should split your image into three “thirds,” and locate the focal point of your image to the side.

Consider a ¾ profile view

Whether you’re shooting your hair from the front or back, you should try to shoot in a ¾ view – meaning you should avoid taking a photo from directly in front of (or behind) your head. A ¾ profile view helps show off both your hair and your face, and makes your photo more visually interesting. 

Avoid too much editing and filtering

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! We recommend avoiding extensive editing of your photos with Instagram. In most cases, your modifications and filters will only detract from the natural beauty of your photo – so keep your adjustments to a minimum.

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Finding the perfect hair product for you

An important part of a great photo of your hair is… great hair! Without great hair, you won’t be able to take an Instagram-worthy photo – and at BLNDN, we have all the products you need to take your ‘do to the next level. From shampoo and conditioner to kits for any kind of hair – we’ve got it all! Browse our products now, and see which ones may be right for you.

Follow These Tips For Insta-Worthy Hair Pics!

We hope these tips have been helpful, and that you’ve learned a thing or two about how to take better hair pictures for Instagram. For more information and to get more tips and tricks sent right to your inbox, we recommend you sign up for the BLNDN newsletter!

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