#BLONDETHEAIR: A Sit Down With Steph Barry, CEO of BLNDN

July 10, 2019

#BLONDETHEAIR: A Sit Down With Steph Barry, CEO of BLNDN

Hey. This is Steph, a person you (really, really) need to know.

If you’ve been following along with the BLNDN journey over the course of the past little bit, you’ve no doubt noticed some very awesome changes. We’ve launched new product kits, built a new website to make ordering your fave purple products even easier, and even launched the ultimate Hair Quiz so our BLNDN fans (both new and current) can find the exact product(s) suited for them all by answering a few easy questions. (Haven’t tried the quiz yet? You have to. It’s fun. We promise.)

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Who helped make this all happen?” We’re glad you asked.

We sat down with Steph Barry, our fearless and powerful CEO, to get, first-hand, the who, what, why, where, and how behind BLNDN and why 2019 is only the beginning. Check out our Q&A below!

Meet the CEO, Steph Barry

BLNDN: How long have you known about BLNDN?

STEPH BARRY: I met the founders of BLNDN at a business meeting in 2014 and was immediately impressed - with them and the product. I’ve been dyeing my hair blonde since I was 15. And it has taken a beating! Once, I even had to stop dyeing it for 2 years to restore its health. BLNDN was the first line of hair care products I’d ever heard of that met the color and health needs of blonde hair,  particularly heavily-dyed blonde hair.

With platinum hair, the two female founders were their own customer. The founders spent a lot of time and effort developing a line of products that went above and beyond in its packaging, its formulation, and its customers’ satisfaction. Well-versed on the shortfalls of what was on the market for specialty haircare, they focused on formulating a product made with natural high-end ingredients, scientifically-proven to repair damage (oxidation and breakage) resulting from harsh dyes or exposure to the natural elements. Ultimately, they developed a product that helps maintain the vibrancy and shine of your color-treated hair without sacrificing integrity.

BLNDN: What initially got you interested in joining BLNDN?

SB: I’ve run many businesses. My background is international business, innovation, consumer-packaged goods, marketing and general management. I don’t take roles where I don’t believe in the product or the people. I am blonde, I love being blonde and I love the product. I also admire BLNDN's business story. It is female-founded, women-led and supported by investors that back female entrepreneurs. 

BLNDN: What’s your philosophy at BLNDN? 

SB: Blonde is a lifestyle. Women feel confident when they feel good about their hair, and what’s more empowering than having bright hair that walks into the room before you do? Your hair health has to keep up with your hair style. That’s why we formulate BLNDN products with ultra-repair and manageability ingredients in our BLNDN Complex, so your hair can look and feel good.

We are also keen on health, safety, and sustainability. BLNDN is vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. We pride ourselves on using a unique, natural blend of ingredients, free of any cancer-causing chemicals, with soft traces of fragrance to keep your hair and scalp smelling clean without drying out. Additionally, all our products use sustainable packaging to help reduce our ecological footprint.

BLNDN: What makes BLNDN better? 

SB: When I first tried the product, I noticed the shine, healthy texture and manageability immediately. The biggest compliment was when my significant other said: "Wow, your hair has never felt so soft!”  

And then I learned more about the science that’s in the BLNDN Complex. It's made from high-grade, natural ingredients (seed and essential oils). These botanical alternatives are designed to restore hair from root to tip. The combination of ingredients in our BLNDN Complex moisturizes skin and hair. One ingredient acts as a humectant (moisturizer) that activates the anagen (growth) stage of the hair. Others promote hair growth by clearing out the free radicals from the follicle and strengthening collagen fibers.  Amino acids in another ingredient act like a superheroine to deliver exceptional damage recovery, conditioning and nourishment even when the hair is subjected to chemical treatments and excessive environmental stress (heat). Amazingly selective, another ingredient conditions areas that need it most. The positively-charged ingredient interacts with the negatively-charged protein surface of the cuticle to electrostatically place a molecular film around the hair shaft, sealing in moisture. In non-science speak, BLNDN Complex makes sure your hair is softer, smoother and stronger.  

BLNDN: What color is your hair? And what trends do you see in the market? 

SB: As my family and friends have learned, my hair color changes with my mood. I love that there are so many choices in colors, tones and shades, whether you are in the salon or at home, or whether it is permanent or temporary.  Being a Southern California native, I always gravitate back to blonde. It just feels like me, and it helps hide my emerging grey. Right now, I’m a level 10 for the summer with a few level 6 lowlights to keep it real. I love the way it looks after I’ve used Brighten You to make the brighter strands around my face pop. 

While it is made for the extreme case of bleached blonde, BLNDN can be used on any color hair, dyed or natural. It is color-safe and adds hydration indiscriminately. 

Be sure to subscribe to our blog on blndn.com to get the latest tips from our stylists and BLNDN Babe ambassadors.

BLNDN: Which BLNDN product is your favorite? 

SB: I use all of the BLNDN products depending on what my need is. Naturally, I have a few favorites.

BLNDN showed me the miracle of purple shampoo and toner! I never knew it was something you could use at home and the few that I had tried were either too drying or left my hair a weird color. It's so easy with Brighten You and Tone You to manage the tone and color of my hair. Brighten You is a hydrating purple shampoo that banishes oxidation, pulls the shine back into your hair and is gentle enough to use for every wash. Tone You is a deeper (stronger) agent that truly beats back the brass (yellow) and returns the cooler, ashy hues to your hair.  Interchange your frequency of Brighten You and Tone You, as well as the time you leave them on to determine what works best for your hair.  

Before BLNDN,  I had never used a leave-in product that didn't make my hair look lifeless and oily. I have thin, fine hair. Using detanglers and leave-in spray conditioners made me look like a child from the 70’s. BLNDN Save You is truly amazing! It is a leave-in conditioner that literally does everything. It makes my hair comb-able, protects it from heat, conditions and smooths it and adds slight texture. I use it every time my hair gets wet (shower, pool, ocean) and sometimes before I use my dry shampoo to give it a little shine and to tame the ends. To make it even better, it also has UV protection in it. So you can be sure I’ll be bringing it with me everywhere this summer!

Because of my dyed blonde and natural grey hair, I love the natural ingredients in BLNDN Complex that add hydration. My hair is stronger, shinier, and softer than ever. With BLNDN, I can take control of and take care of my hair. 

Try our hair quiz to figure out which product is best for you.  

blndn hair quiz

BLNDN: Where do you want to take the company and the brand now that you are running it? 

SB: First, we need to make sure we are establishing our brand personality. I like to think of us as “smart blonde”.  We are boldly blonde and we are scientifically smart. We were the first, and still the only, dedicated blonde hair care line. A credit to our hair color, we have more fun too.  

Second, we want to meaningfully connect with our core audience, which is the platinum blonde. Even with all of the blonde products available on the market, there really aren’t any products that address the specific needs of heavily-dyed platinum hair. It’s burnt out, it’s brittle, it needs nourishment, it needs protection and it needs repair without the weight and time it takes to do longer treatments. We are always on the lookout for BLNDN Babe ambassadors. Sign up on blndn.com under BLNDN Babes if you are interested. 

Next, we want women like me, who are going grey naturally, to know BLNDN is for them too. Oxidation (lack of pigment) happens naturally. This is what makes the hair wiry, yellow and not as shiny or manageable. BLNDN Complex repairs and restores grey hair as well. We’d really love to have some silver foxes for our BLNDN Babe ambassador program.  

Just as important, we want to partner more with salons and stylists. I have met so many creative stylists and hairdressers that love our brand and love to help their blonde and grey clients maintain great hair. We want to thank all of the salon owners who have continued to support BLNDN.  At blndnpro.com we sell wholesale to salons. We’re also hoping to do more to get our products on the shelves and marketed in the salon. Let us know how we can help you. 

Our latest news is that BLNDN is now selling on Amazon. We are working on getting our whole line up but for now, you can buy some of our favorites with all of your other Amazon Prime purchases. And we will be participating in the Amazon's Professional Beauty products program so our salons can buy wholesale on Amazon as well. 

Last, but definitely not least, we have some new products we are working on launching later this year. Innovation in size, packaging, ingredients and products is a key part of our strategy to continue to meet the needs of our customers. If you have ideas, please send them to our email at love@blndn.com

The whole team is excited about BLNDN’s current growth and the future of our brand. We love all of our customers and take pride in the product we sell. Most important, we hope you feel empowered to be your best blonde!  

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