June 16, 2016


If you're anything like us, you've got Pinterest boards galore dedicated to hair, cataloguing everything from long balayage to pixie cuts. But could you actually pull the trigger and chop off all of your mane? Well... we think you should.

Here are a few reasons why we think you're ready for the cut.

  • It makes momhood easy. We feel your pain- long locks are like teething toys and pulling fun for small tots, and most days with our kids we wear our hair up anyway. Plus, how awesome does an extra thirty minutes of not washing and styling sound? (Update: It's just as awesome as we thought.)
  • It might be the best thing for it (now that you have BLNDN) The BLNDN complex is a combination of naturally derived ingredients that are clinically proven to combat the damage caused by oxidation, whether by bleach or by age. We address the issues at the structural level and bring your hair back to health. That being said, the shorter you chop your locks- the more aged strands and damage you're saying buh-bye to. In its place, virgin, undamaged hair is taking over, and now that you're protecting it with the BLNDN Complex, it's here to stay.

  • It helps you feel beautiful in your own skin. After a while of the same hairstyle, long hair becomes more of a security blanket than anything else. Gorgeous, healthy hair that is showcased in the media is almost always long. But who says gorgeous and healthy hair has to fall past your bum? Not us. (Did you know BLNDN co-founder, Erika, has a platinum pixie? That's a pic of her above.)


  • It grows back. Stop stressing; it's totally reversible. If you feel like rocking short hair now, in a few years, you can rock long hair again. Sure, growing out a pixie is a tedious process- but that's if you decide to grow it out. You may fall in love with short hair and never look back. Big picture-wise, it’s low risk... and you'll never know until you try.


    Go for it, babes. We'll be here every inch of the way!

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