December 27, 2016


We all know that big, defined eyebrows are trending right now. But for some blondes it is hard to achieve this look without it looking too heavy, harsh or fake. Since blonde hair is naturally lighter in color and generally thinner in weight, it can be hard to perfect that eyebrow trend. That's where we come in with some tips on highlighting your blonde brows:

1. Put Down the Tweezers

This is the hardest step by far! We have been programmed to pluck the minute a stray comes in, but if you are every going to have luscious brows, you have to let them grow. It is painful to overlook the baby hairs coming in, but trust us, you're the only who actually notices them. Once your brows have grown to their full potential, it'll be easier to shape them correctly. 

2. Use a Growth Serum

Growth serums work! Castor oil is an excellent natural growth serum in addition to other beauty serums, and you can pick up a bottle at most health food stores. Bonus: you can also use the serum on your eyelashes, or even your baby hairs to help stimulate growth there as well. 

3. Shape Up

Now that your eyebrows have grown out, it is time to shape 'em! Use your nose and something straight to angle your brows in perfect symmetry (see the guide below). DO NOT OVERPLUCK. Your hair grows in rows if you look closely, so go row by row to define the arch and the tail. Stray hairs are ok.

4. Fill 'Em In

This is the tricky part for blondes. You may have to use more makeup than a brunette to achieve thicker brows since yours may be lighter and thiner, but you have to be careful to not overdo it and look obviously filled in.

First pick an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color. If you're stuck on the color, air on the side of a lighter shade. Brush the hairs upward. Draw a line below your natural brow, then another line above. Then with brow powder that matches begin filling in the space by first blending down, then up. The key is to BLEND. You want your brows to look as natural as possible. 

Finish with a brow gel to set them in place and then use a highlighter under the arch to define the brow. 

5. Maintain

You don't need to keep this shape by tweezing everyday. In fact, you really should only be tweezing every 4-6 weeks to maintain your new brows. Try using BLNDN's SAVE YOU, the life saving balancing leave-in cream for your hair - on your brows! It keeps them healthy and smooths out unruly stray hairs. 

Do you have any tips for blonde brows? We'd love to hear!

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