April 18, 2017


For all of our BLNDN babes out there that wear occasional (or even regular) hair extensions, kudos to you! We know that behind that gorgeous full hair, extensions can be expensive, time consuming and often difficult to care for. They need to be babied, loved, and protected far more than natural hair. 

If you are considering extensions for the first time, we've teamed up with Master Stylists and extension specialist Katie Tellor at Abstra(kt) Studio in Frisco, TX to put together a beginner's guide on caring for your extensions. So now your time money and energy is well spent and you get the gorgeous mane that you've always wanted!

1) The first step is installation! 

When it comes to extensions, the first step is the installation. As I send clients out of Abstra(kt) Studio with their new look, they get an extra dose of advise to maintain their investment. My application process is a little different than others.  If you check out my Instagram, you will see that many of my clients have baby fine, thin hair.  It’s very important to me to maintain the integrity of my clients hair so that when their extensions are removed, their own hair is just as healthy, if not healthier, than before their extensions were applied.

Products "safe" for extensions, do not mean good for extensions.

The BLNDN line is one we carry at Abstra(kt) Studio because it is ideal for sensitized hair.  Of course, our blondes love it, but we also highly recommend the product line for several reasons when it comes to our extension clients in particular.  First, consider what we’re dealing with.  Many extensions come from India or China, and by the time they reach us, they’ve been through potentially a dozen different chemical processes (especially the blonde extensions).  So, while the extensions are new and exciting for the client, they’ve been through a lot just to make it to us. Using the right products is key to extending the life of their extensions for the long (pun intended) haul.

Keep in mind that since extensions don't become oil-prone like the hair that's still growing from our scalp, washing regularly isn't as necessary. That's why it's important that each time you wash and treat your extensions, you take extra time and love.

Your BLNDN Regimen for Extensions.

BLNDN offers several “go to” products when you are offering extensions as part of your service line-up:

  1. BRIGHTEN YOU purple shampoo is great for keeping extensions bright.  The gentle toning that it provides is not going to over-tone your extensions as many purple shampoos do.  
  2. REPAIR YOU MASK can actually be used on your extensions every time you condition because of the amount and type of processing that has gone into the extensions before they are installed.  It gives that little extra that the extensions need not only for maintenance, but also the appearance of a healthy head of hair.
  3. SAVE YOU LEAVE IN is the perfect nourishing treatment to apply to extensions after clients get out of the shower.  Again, the chemical processes that hair extensions have endured require a leave in treatment, and Save You will keep them healthy and strong for months to come.
  4. KEEP YOU DRY SHAMPOO is my go dry shampoo for extension clients (and non extension clients as well).  Extensions shouldn’t be washed and exposed to styling tools on a daily basis.  Keep You will maintain your style for several days, again maximizing the longevity of my clients investment.

What ways do you use BLNDN on your extensions or your clients extensions? We'd love to hear from you. founders@blndn.com

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